riley is incredible. she will love you forever and believe in you more than you believe in yourself. she's not the friend that will be for you when you cry, but she'll have a wet shoulder from your tears. shes the girl that thinks shes the ugliest girl in the world and that all of her friends are so pretty but in reality she's the beautiful one. and not only are her looks beautiful, but her personality is. she's such a bright soul but she has convinced herself that nobody likes her. she thinks she'll never have a boyfriend but she doesnt realize she has guys lining up to talk to her. she can be really chill and quiet but if she opens up she can be so goofy and so much fun to hang out with. she's the one that says sorry after ranting because she has convinced herself that everyone could care less about her feelings. she's the one that ends up being the only one single in the group but nobody understands why. she says she's okay with being single but deep down she wishes she had someone to cuddle with at night. she hands out her little pieces even though so many people have broken her. she seems fine but when you get to know her she has gone through some deep shit. she lets everyone walk all over her and manipulate her so she's is always being used. but depsite that she's incredibly positive and always tries to look at the bright side. so if you find a riley. get ahold of her and keep her around, she's a good person to have by your side in life.
wow. she's amazing. she has to be a riley.
by bootyholesimdone January 27, 2019
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someone that stays up all night and eats a lot of food but doesn't gain weight. she is probably going to be a crackhead when she is older. she also would probably hit a dinosaur if she could and overthinks everything.
person 1: oh my gosh look it's riley
person 2: i think she just killed a dinosaur because he was getting on her nerves
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A chill girl who couldn't care less about what others think about her. She has many friends, but only a few best friends. She can crack a joke and get high grades all at the same time. Her inability to sit still in class proves her athleticism. Her eyes light up at multiple topics and her smile can brighten the day. She is scared of quite a few things, but will always face them to prove someone wrong. She is stubborn like crazy and will fight until she wins. Watching her is like watching a ray of sunshine and being with her is like a breath of fresh air. She is beautiful, but doesn't know it. Seeing her get lost in something is intriguing and she is kind of a nerd. This girl is sassy and won't let anybody tell her that she is any less than what God made her. She exudes confidence and is always kind no matter how much she says she hates everyone, she is lying. She has a big loving heart and will always stand up for what is right. If you find one, hold one her.
by Mrs. Chester Bennington February 17, 2015
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A girl who can be sweet either extremely bold with her friends or shy when around her crush. Dont push her around. Shes braver than you think. Get to know her shes kinda awesome. She has a huge heart and a vivid and wild imagination. Usually brunette or blond. Irish name. You meet her be her friend. People she adores bring out the best in her. She may be extremely pretty but thinks she is ugly. Tell her the truth and be real around her. Shes awesome. She is special.
guy #1: hey is that Riley?
guy #2: no way i havent seen her in forever
guy #3: wow shes really pretty
guy #2: i wonder if she remembers me
by Farblowfriends December 22, 2012
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A girl usually beautiful and with a great smile. She will have a wonderful personality no matter her looks. She is smart and loving if you get a chance to be with a Riley don’t let her go.
Riley is beautiful, you will love her.
by Riley the beautiful February 16, 2018
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Normally outgoing, a gorgeous, smilling girl who will be there for you through think and thin untill you show her a reason not to be. Riley's are normally the jealous type and very competitive. She has a nice body and gets distracted easily. But they're always fun to be with. You can trust this girl with anything and she will never tell a soul.. even she hates your guts. She can be smart if she tries to be. Oh, and If you get a Riley to yourself.. you're in for a treat ;)
by Annon26 December 10, 2012
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Rilei is a beautiful, smart, caring girl who stands by you when life gets hard. When you look at her you won't be able to look away, she's lovable and will love you till the end.
Rilei loves everyone she knows and would do anything to help them
by Hanna16 December 26, 2016
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