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A loser than will pwn so many n00bs tonight. Maybe enough to raise his rank from 3 to 1. He doesn't how to spot a cheater, and says lol constantly. He should go fuck a toilet.
What a fucking loser.
I'm George Dubya Bush..... Sr. I approve this message in the name of the U.S of A
by Alabaster Clam September 28, 2004
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a person that got owned by myg0t... which led to anyone being a counter-strike nerd in public being given the name 'Konane'...
dude1: "hey did you see that kids shirt?"
dude2: "no why?"
dude1: "it was a counter-strike t-shirt with 1337 on it LOL!"
dude2: "what a konane."
by suck my glock July 24, 2004
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