Term used for heroin by the people who do it. It's called the boy for a couple reasons. 1) Because it's associated with the word Ron (short for heroin). 2) Just like coke is referred to as that girl or da girl, heroin is called da boy or that boy.
Josh: Yo my man, has da boy been around here today?

Nate: Yeah dude, Ron always chills at the crib.
by JO Felony March 9, 2009
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Usually a group of young scholars who intend to have a loose night on the beers. A meeting of "da bois" is often referred to in a 3 word title following the formula 'Beers, Bois, B******' .

"da bois" can be found at your local pub or club on a regular basis, and are known to many other young males as 'da bois'.
beers, bois, bibles

Individual: I took a girl home last night and bois'd her in the bois.

da bois: BOIS!
by turbo123132 December 23, 2011
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nothing can separate "da bois" not even a pandemic. They hang out all the time and corona does not stop them
Boi 1:Hey wanna hang with da bois tonight?
Boi 2:Bro we are in a pandemic
Boi 1:Ye but we are da bois!
Boi 2:True faxxx
by imacoolkid1 May 15, 2020
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a group of boys that have a fun time together
person 1: wanna hang out tomorrow?
person 2: nah, I'm already chilling with da boys
by rebeccagorod April 29, 2021
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Hey! Here comes DA BOI!
by ##AntiToxic## May 24, 2020
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He look like the da boi i know
by Justin Scooter September 24, 2006
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