slang for a very good they/them friend who is a tiny cryptid and is loved very much
i've never heard moth speak before but i've heard tell of it happening
you've heard of mothman, now get ready for moth
it's them, my friend moth!
by brellas December 7, 2018
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irish slang for a girl often used instead of 'bird'
by jnb September 10, 2004
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Forget man-eating spiders- moths are the pinnacle of evil scary bugs!
Just imagine a tiny butterfly capable of flying straight down your earhole and driving you crazy, except that moths aren't pretty lil' butterflies at all... they are ugly yet clever little turds who find their way into your room at night and fly around the lampshade, casting a huge shadow on the wall which looks like a demented pigeon, which causes you to soil yourself and go sleep on the couch downstairs. (Which, by the way, is where all the spiders are hiding. But you end up eating them in your sleep anyway so it's not so bad...)
I suppose you could say I have a teeny weeny problem with moths, BUT CAN YOU BLAME ME??? MOTHS ARE PURE EVIL!!!
by The Paradiddle Pro September 4, 2004
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"Dave,don't let that shitty butterfly moth in the house."
by Jamie Phillips July 3, 2006
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scary attacking monster! see butterfly
Someone cone rescue me from this mosth in my room! It looks like it's about to attack!
by SMORE April 23, 2004
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A miniature version of the monster, Mothra, that appeared in an old Godzilla movie. Although irritating, the common moth devastates curtains, not Japan.
Whinging Kid - "Ah! A moth!" <cry>
Sarcastic Parent that tells jokes too old for the kid to understand- " Quick! Call Godzilla!"
by bluntpencil2001 April 25, 2005
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