An organization with one purpose: rage. myg0t members can be found raging various internet games, especially half-life based games(counter strike).
"Omfg myg0t i know u hack, leave u fgt, leave b4 the admin bans you!"
by sidewayssss July 3, 2006
A group of online gamers who attempt to cause other players to become enraged see rage. The in game aim of myg0t is to make the other players feel like dirt for their own amusement they hack they racially abuse and they make the game harder for the player. myg0t have a knowledge that the best way to annoy a gamer is to make them feel out of control thus makign them suseptable to insults and confusion the target of said rage becomes fustrated and cusses the ragers.
OH NOES! that ass from myg0t is cheeseing me off, stop tking asshat OMFG GO AWAY!
by nick davey August 7, 2006
A "clan" of n00bs whose only purpose in life (no, they do not actually have one) is to hack on games like Counter-Strike, Half-Life, or most games made by/related to Steam, and play annoying music all the time, thinking that they are funny.
Can an admin fuckin ban those myg0t N00BS??? THEY SERIOUSLY NEED TO GET A LIFE!! And maybe learn how to aim, without using aimbots?!!
by Kitsune-Kun May 4, 2007
Hey everyone on the interwebs I would just like to express my love for myg0t.myg0t has helped me in so many ways that I don't really know where to start. I used to be just another emo-american and was depraved of the great pleasures of life such as drugs or having sex. The myg0t community took me into their loving arms and helped me overcome my obeasity and depression into becomigna better person. Thank you SO MUCH myg0t!

Examples of myg0t's love..? They are limitless
by allor1c February 9, 2006
A person whose sole purpose is to harass. A myg0t member makes less than 6 figures and can be seen using basic insults such as autistic or calling people a child. A myg0t member can be seen stalking underage users on reddit to find insults.
Yeah I've had this weird myg0t member stalk me on r/teenagers for 2 weeks now, always comments on my posts with fake MKultra stuff.
by Weservebread July 29, 2020