To lie in a joking way, to be a trickster. To be a "Hal".
Hal told everyone he had talked to the building manager who said the AC was broken for the whole summer. But they all knew he was just haling.
by philuppus May 08, 2018
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Halee’s the pretty, mature girl everyone loves.Halee is VERY loyal to her friends and whoever else shes talking to. Many say Halee is mean that’s if you get on her bad side and let’s say you might not wanna be there...
Girl halee dislikes: halee shut up no one asked you

Her: no one asked you to wear that ugly a** wig but u did
by 9/11Turtlelover October 16, 2019
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crazy girl that loves her friends and loves to have fun
by halee patton August 26, 2008
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this girl acts like she’s drunk 24/7, but like, the fun drunk, who’s excited about everything. usually really happy. she loved her best friends and tries to fix everything. she’s mature but knows how to party. she’ll make her own catch phrases and they’re so dumb you just go with them.
me: i saw halee today she has to be on crack

friend: first of all becky it’s 10am, second no that’s just how she is, you love it tho!!
by Hellokatthy August 19, 2018
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a halee is a kind, athletic, outgoing person who is absolutely fearless. She loves her friends and family and is rarely in a bad mood. Halees also love the beach. she loves to have fun and be with her friends, she is also very emotional and if oyur on her bad side... well, lets just say thats not where u want to be. :) she will also get excited or mad depending on if you spell her name right. she is also very pretty and everyone wants to be around her. men usually like halees.
I spent the night at Halee's last night, it was super fun she's amazing!
by surfagirly June 30, 2011
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hale is a fuckable and sexy person
Hey look over there it’s hale fucking savannah! Hale makes me so horny
by ppapdundundun June 10, 2020
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Also known as the Persuader, he can persuade even Warren Buffet to give him a small loan of a million dollars and never pay him back. Enhanced interrogation techniques must be used if you’re ever going to get your money back. Desperately tries chasing after popularity by doing things he thinks are “cool,” like drinking. Destined to be a tax evader and have multiple government agencies on his ass.
Dude: Loan’s due. You got the cash?
Hale: I’ll get it to you tomorrow bro
Dude: You know what I want.
Hale: Shit my bad maybe next week

A year later
Dude:Bruh give me my money already
Hale: What money now?
by xX_LordGaben69_Xx September 05, 2020
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