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Character from the famous manga and anime about ninjas, Naruto. Appearing first in Naruto: Shippuden, the second part of the Naruto story after a 3 year gap, Pein is the feared leader of Amekagure and the main figurehead for Akatsuki.
Pein is actually 6 seperate bodies, connected by their eye, the legendary Rinnegan which was only possessed by the founder of the ninja world. In fact, the true possesor of the Rinnegan has not yet been seen in person in the current time, as Nagato presumably resides in safety while manipulating his puppets through using the Rinnegan. Having developed a God complex. Pein believes he alone understands pain and suffering, and wishes to end it by monopolizing war and destroying all the great ninja villges.

Pein's abilities are incredibly powerful and fascinating. All 6 of the bodies share vision, a huge advantage during combat, while Rinnegan allows the Deva Path, the main Pein body to use almost any technique. Other bodies can absorb attacks, summon great beasts, revive and heal the bodies...but the most powerful ability comes from the main body, an ability called Shinra Tensei. It allows Pein to control gravity in small or large proportions, reflecting any force sent at him or creating a huge gravity well capable of obliterating entire villages.

Pein...don't wanna fuck with him.

3 giant toads with huge swords tries to cut him down...
SHINRA TENSEI! *toads get knocked back waaaay the hell out there*

"I am Pein...I AM GOD!!!"
by MankMoon February 12, 2009
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the misssplet version of penis.
You: wow my peins is huge!!

Me: to bad you can't spell for SHIT!!!!!
by X1z.Lachy March 30, 2005
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misspelling of the Spanish word for penis, pene.
Boy: Hola muchacha, will you suck my pein?
Girl: What is a pein?
Boy: O sorry, meant to say pene.
by imalejandro December 25, 2010
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penis, cock, dick, weewee, dink, dinky-doo
" shut up or i'll slap you with my pein!"
by catiejen January 17, 2005
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The odd result of the different ways to spell vane, vain, or vein witha "p". Pane and pain are words but pein is tto odd...
He is not a pein
I have a pein in my back
Are not examples
by SquareRootof5 April 14, 2003
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