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'Kendal' is, without a doubt, the very definition of 'Best Friend'. She will introduce you to new and awesome experiences, be your sounding board when you need advice, and always tell it like it is.

'Kendal' will also represent spunk and determination, and will be the epitome of feisty, free-spirited, and fun.

'Kendal' has also been known to be a really awesome point guard.

'Kendal' doesn't give up.
My Kendal took me to this Ethiopian restaurant, I'd never heard of it and was a tad concernicus I wouldn't like the food but it was amazing!

Kendal just ran the Boston marathon. With a busted ankle. She's amazing.

Did you see that play Kendal called? CLUTCH!
by BeckettTheGreat December 20, 2010
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Nothing short of amazing. She is the girl you want by your side and she gives great advice! She will never underestimate you and if you get on her bad side, man she’s will come after you. If you don’t have a friend named Kendal, your missing out in life. She is the funniest thing you will ever see, she is very entertaining and super lit!! She usually tries her best to stay away from drama because she don’t put up with it.
Wow, kendal is really good at giving advice! Maybe I should go to her more often
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by _Kendal_ May 30, 2018
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Kendal is usually a GORGEOUS chick who is ALWAYS there for you! She is usually kinda short, but she wouldn't be her if she wasn't! She has a lot of Italian in her so you know that she has the beautiful long thick hair! She will never take you for granted, and she will always have your back! She is loving and Caring! Beautiful and Smart! If you meet a Kendal, don't walk away because you will be missing out!
Girl 1: I wish I knew Kendal!

Girl 2: I wish I was Kendal!
by Hottie Hoe May 13, 2010
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Totally awesome chick. Takes control and will bitch slap a player. Has only a few close friends because she doesn't like all the annoying drama that all the other hoe's come with. Does what she wants, and wants what she wants. Has giant boobs and will punch you in the face if you mess with her best friend. Feisty and not ghetto whatsoever. Doesn't give a fuck and likes brown kids.
Boy: I want to have Kendal's boobs.

Kendal: I have killed for less.
by Mama Octo March 18, 2013
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A really white person that is really white and not ghetto what so ever...
woah that kendal is so white u could throw 500 of her out a plane and itd look like snow!
by the freshman August 13, 2007
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this bitch will drink you under the table. she will out party ever single one of you. pour her a shot and you'll be pouring the next 14. hide your alcohol kids.
person A: i think kendal is coming to the party tonight

person B: shit! i'm not letting her near my bottle!
by gettt money April 07, 2009
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A beautiful nice girl. She will always be there next to you. She will stick up for you. I'm always right here saying I wish that could be my name. Not self centered not rude or mean (Ken) Doll)
Antonio: Have u seen my friend Kendal?
Avery: Yeah she's over there the people crowded around her.

Antonio: Ok I better get going to talk to her.
by Aria2766 February 12, 2017
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