Sometimes, someone will threaten to punch you in the face when you have upset them to some degree. This is considered, amongst the lower primates (see bro), to be one of the best ways to win an argument. Typically, the implication is that, by punching you in the face, the "victor" would be vindicated. Also, this often implies that you are a gigantic faggot... as opposed to the guy punching you... who is always totally straight.

Beware those who actually WILL punch you in the face rather than just threaten to do so. They can often be identified by the imprints of some guy's teeth on their knuckles.
Guy A: "Dude, why are you sucking that guy's dick?"

Guy B: "Shut up! I'll punch you in the face if you say I'm gay!"

Guy A: "Yeah, THAT'LL prove you're not gay..."
by Bitch-monkey June 2, 2009
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A typical jewish comeback. Originally used frequently in a classic Jewish comedy sitcom entitled "Temple Bank".
I'm gonna punch-you-in-the-face at a incredibly fast pace of speed.
by Wang P. Freely April 4, 2003
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Saint Louis punk band that makes fun of everyone while on stage, but mainly themselves.
Im going to go see PUNCH YOU IN THE FACE get wasted and play punk rock in Saint Louis.
by ike5522 May 2, 2008
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Something you say to someone who is joking around with you, causing you to get upset like a little paranoid bitch and drink all of their beer. Usually this is a last resort when your intelligence suffers so badly that you can't think of anything clever to say.
Mike felt like crying like a little baby at Beavermead, so he said "I'll punch you in the face!".
by Binary Jay July 5, 2005
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Someone who annoys you to the extreme line of near hatred even without doing, saying anything, or even being there that you want to bash them up or you fantasise of bashing them up. In short, the term for a person that you want to punch in the face is called a 'Badger'.
I had a dream of the badger that sits next to me in class, then i woke up and said to myself "i wanna punch you in the face".
by Anonymous.Z June 17, 2014
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Use this phrase in times of extreme anger towards other people, when your brain isn't functioning well enough to put together a logical, coherent threat.
by Scot August 9, 2004
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