Antonio also referred to as Tony is the most amazingly extraordinary person you will ever come across if your even lucky enough to meet one. Tony is super outgoing but can be shy at times once you get to know him he’ll make you laugh til you cry. Antonio is the greatest most best friend anyone could ever ask for, He will be your shoulder to cry, never leave you hanging, and will be there for you no matter what. He will treat the girl he loves like a Princess and if you happen to be the one he falls for let me just say you are single handily the luckiest Girl in the universe. You will fall in love with his overwhelming and heart-stopping personality There’s no argument about it. His Beautiful Brown eyes are breathtaking.. will make the earth stop spinning you’ll get lost in them, The truth is you’ll be able to stare into them for an eternity. If you ever have the chance to say hi or befriend an Antonio don’t blow it.. Because he truly is stunningly perfect.. His Charm will put you under a Spell.. He’ll Change your Life, Forever
Oh Snap is that Tony?!
Antonio Invited me to the Movies Yesterday!!
by Stitch:D July 10, 2018
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He is the best custodian.., EVER!! Works really hard and such joy to be around with. Sure, he looks mean walking around the hallways but once you get to know him, he just warms you up. I'm glad to see him in the mornings now.

Thanks for everything you do! We love you dearly 😘
Me: Tony, would you help us with furnitures please?

Copy that, give me 10 mikes and I'll be with you.

Me: Thanks Tony!

Antonio: Anytime love 😊
by KittyPride August 29, 2019
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A man who is described to be utterly amazing in every way. A person who will make you feel like a trillion bucks by even taking you to McDonald's. An Antonio is very good looking and usually Italian. He is dependable, smart, and will love you with all of his heart. Every girl dies to have an Antonio, but the girl that has one is the luckiest girl on the planet.
Boyfriend: Baby why you actin' like that?

Girlfriend: You don't treat me right. I deserve better.

Boyfriend: So what are you going to do? Go find an Antonio?

Girlfriend: Damn right.
by Lexxxxyyyyy February 2, 2015
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A guy who is fine asfff but doesn't think he is, he knows how to win a girls heart and is very loyal and caring when it comes down to his girl he'll love her till the end of eternity and do what he can to make her happy. Apologizes after every argument and hates having them. An Antonio isnt jss good w/ girls, he is lit and fun to be around he has lots of friends and the best mom everr. Get u a Antonio (jss not mine)
Antonio's are perfect ass can be


Duhh you should get one😊
by Curlyhead cutie💓 November 24, 2017
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Antonio is charming loyal handsome strong guy everyone needs and wants Antonio Antonio is better then a Sydney or a Emma or a Ryan or a Andre he is the best everyone loves him he is NOT!!! a fuck boy but he is a nice guy
by dodge September 18, 2019
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Antonio is a very sweet and caring person who will put the people he loves before anyone else. If you are dating an Antonio keep him he is very loyal and will always make sure you are happy. He is also the most attractive.
Hey look it’s Antonio
Oh he’s sooooo hot
by Sksksk bxtch March 11, 2019
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Antonio is very sweet, caring, understanding, and dependable person. Has the best personality out there. Always is there to help anyone in need. Is always afraid to take chances. Sometimes falls his closest friend. At times very insecure, shy, and hopeless. But always finds a reason to keep believing and trying. Has a nice smile with a big heart. Finds his ways to brighten up anyones day. Is very forgiving, even to those that hurt him. He is a lover but a fighter when he has to be. Falls in love pretty easy and tends to hold on for a long time. Faithful, funny, charming, and kindhearted. Tends to put his loved ones before himself. At times get very emotional and jealous but contains himself before things get out of hand. Always does anythng and everything for the girl he likes/loves. At times not the best looking guy but he is a one of a kind type of guy. If you find yourself an Antonio it is for the best you don't let him slip away cause once you lose him, you lose him for good. He's one a once in a lifetime.
Girl 1 ; I hear Antonio likes you?

Girl 2 ; Yeah he does.

Girl 1 ; You're a very lucky girl.

Girl 2 ; I know *teardrop and smiles*
by James Kevin McCartney May 25, 2012
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