You ;)
Person #1 I hate myself

Person #2 dont hate your self love your self because right now is the best time to be alive and you are the best you you can ever be and you are an amazing person
by A cool ass Ethan January 26, 2019
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Anyone who writes a specific name for someone to search up and when they do they see something positive about them.
by UJSIDL April 22, 2021
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connor aka the best person in the world who will bright up you’re day even tho your conversations are boring 😂💛
by xxxboredallday June 20, 2019
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Damn, Ashton is such an amazing person.
Jordan isn't anywhere near as amazing as her.
by pixel_ator13 May 5, 2019
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chef miry is my amazing person she's one of a kind just so you know I love her she's really cool.
by me is cool January 7, 2021
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Amazing ahh person- It is a term used to describe Amr and people in the gc however it can also be used as a universal overall complement.
Amr is such an amazing and chill dude.

Look at Amr, what an Amazing ahh person.

Wow the gc people r such Amazing ahh individuals.
by A cool lookin guy July 9, 2022
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