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in a basketball team the job of the point guard is to bring the ball up the court and to initiate the plays. They are usually a smaller player in the team and possess strong ball handling and long range shooting abilities.
"and the miami point guard, jason williams, sets it up"
by kendle_cranks2 June 18, 2006
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In basketball, the one that runs the offense and the one that usually lacks in points, yet is high in assists.
That point guard has 15 assists and 5 points.
This point guard cannot run an offense and should be moved to shooting guard.
by MAZZINI May 23, 2010
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The decision maker of the group (usually a somewhat large group of 5 or more people); the leader
Tyrone: What are we doing tonight?
Jaquan: I don't know, you are the "point guard"
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by yxrick July 08, 2018
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