in a basketball team the job of the point guard is to bring the ball up the court and to initiate the plays. They are usually a smaller player in the team and possess strong ball handling and long range shooting abilities.
"and the miami point guard, jason williams, sets it up"
by kendle_cranks2 June 18, 2006
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The decision maker of the group (usually a somewhat large group of 5 or more people); the leader
Tyrone: What are we doing tonight?
Jaquan: I don't know, you are the "point guard"
by yxrick July 8, 2018
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In basketball, the one that runs the offense and the one that usually lacks in points, yet is high in assists.
That point guard has 15 assists and 5 points.
This point guard cannot run an offense and should be moved to shooting guard.
by MAZZINI May 23, 2010
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An individual who can lead a creative team. They can create for themselves, and also put others in positions to succeed.
by steve_nash March 11, 2019
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A nickname for The University of Arizona, referring to the men's basketball program's consistent development and output of quality NBA guards, especially point guards. The name was first applied by CBS sports analyst Van Coleman and is now in common usage.
Steve Kerr,
Damon Stoudamire,
Mike Bibby,
Jason Terry,
Gilbert Arenas,
Richard Jefferson,
Andre Iguodala,
Jerryd Bayless,
just to name a few of the Point Guard U's alumni.
by KaiTing November 16, 2010
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Give your point guard the biggest hug and show him/her your appreciation for his dimes. This day is to make sure he/she never gets hurt and he/she knows you love him/her
Especially like trent

trent makes my day better
he’s just too amazing
I remembered that every fridays is National Point Guard Day, i have to give trent a hug!!
by vEyeSold-_- April 25, 2021
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A technique in the Monster Hunter series; where while using the charge blade you take advantage of the weapons' ability to block after or during certain attacks to deal a small amount of damage and go straight into a 'super' or 'ultra' burst.
"Man you see that Guard-Point it got on that Diabolos, I broke both of it's horns!"
by 2,000 hours in several games October 26, 2018
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