Get two friends, then push them into traffic. One (1) of you lived to the end of this sentence, but the others aren't so lucky.
Creepy Carl: "One of you needs to get down here and suck my dick."
One of you: "Fuck yourself in the ass, Creepy Carl."
by Raul Pudd August 5, 2021
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When someone is being really gay, this is what one would say to get them to STFU, mostly. It also is commonly used sarcastically.
On the flip side, the opposite can also be used, usually sarcastically.
Shut up, no one likes you.
by jack tiggs January 3, 2011
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1. quite literally "no one loves you"
2. A way to tell someone that they are being annoying.
3. reason why someone isn't getting something they want.
1."No one loves you"
2. "Gawd shut up! No one loves you!"
3. a: "Why didn't you call and tell me, why don't i get any?
b. "No one loves you!!"
by WeWereMentToLive February 20, 2005
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mirrors' edge
why didn't you play it? It is awesome. One of the few awesome EA games. Nobody buys it, but bad need for speed games sell great. Why?
Guy 1: Hey how far are you with mirrors' edge? You know that one game you never played
Guy 2: haven't picked that game up.
Guy 1: we are no longer friends
Guy 2: ...I could buy it now?
Guy 1: GTFO!
by ihaenhaipoehahat June 9, 2009
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The sentence is used when you beat off for your friend.
1. person : Damn no one probably beats of to me.
2. person : Hold on let me rub a quick one for you brudda.

By CowBoiBiscuitXD
by CowBoiBiscuitXD October 24, 2022
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Once the girl drinks one shot, she instantly becomes a slut and or whore. Than anyone there has a legitimate shot and walking home with some poon.
"Our friend Emily who lives downstairs is a one shotter you got 'er. Yeah I even heard she got with Pat!"
by Bob Dylan 420 January 6, 2010
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