To state what you believe to be true without forethought.

Usually, people who "tell it like it is" hate it when other people "tell it like it is" about them.
Trump: The FAKE NEWS media doesn't like me because I tell it like it is!!!

Bannon: The meeting at Trump Tower with Russians for dirt on Hillary was treasonous.

by Catty McGee January 4, 2018
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An expression. i.e. being very honest with a friend or acquaintance when answering their questions or telling them what you think about a particular situation.
Laura: Why do none of my relationships last more than a month or two?
Brandon: Well, that's because you expect too much from the relationship. You conceptualize the man you think you need to have to be truly in love, therefore, all other guys seem inadequate for their faults compared to what you fantasized in your head.
Laura: "....."
Brandon: Are you offended?
Laura: ...Actually no, I appreciate you telling it like it is.
by MusicalOverdose October 25, 2013
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national tell your crush you like them day is October 21st. Its an urban legend that if you don't tell them your crush will start to reject you and make fun of you.
tell your crush you like them day is a day when you tell your crush you like them and see if they like you back.
by notsocial7 October 19, 2019
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On the 8th or 9th of November tell a girl u like her and see how she reacts then ask her to go out with you
by Happytimes0824 November 8, 2020
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