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A talent-less creature that resides in the depths of Beverly hills. The Kim Kardashian is an intriguing creature as it's body is made out of 85% plastic, although this is physically impossible scientists are still baffled on how this creatures exists.

The Kim Kardashian is extremely famous due to it's extremely high sexual potency which leads to it creating very bad sex tapes. The Kardashian is known to breed in a concerning rate as it gives birth to two young per marriage than divorces annually.

The Kim Kardashian is mentally controlled by the Queen Kardashian known as a 'Kris Jenner" or Scientifically named "The Utalenteuos Whoreous" Thankfully the Kris Jenner is no longer fertile however she has whole new litter that will soon produce a new generation of attention whore's.
Kim Kardashian: Some how it's famous and it's very prone to attention seeking
by ThelovelyDictionary December 14, 2016
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A chick who's famous for having a big ass and a sex tape.
Kim Kardashian is a total ho.
by Hubert Cumberdale Jr. May 30, 2008
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Literallyyyyyyy she is an untalented and fake bitch who is famous for literallyyyyyyyyyy making a sextape with Ray J and being friends with Paris Hilton. She seriouslyyyyyyyyy made a reality show where just hangs out with the rest of her untalented family.

She also says the following:

I am literallyyyyyyyyyyy an untalened, fake, and honestlyyyyyyy slutty bitch. I am seriouslyyyyyyyyyy so greedy and made a horrible sextape and song literallyyyyyyyyy called JAM.

- Kim Kardashian
by Rpgluvr13 June 26, 2017
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A famous chick with no talent who no one know how she became famous.
Bob: Hey, do you know how Kim Kardashian became famous?
John: No... Anyway she has no talent...
Bob: I guess the world will never know....
by Cclleoo January 7, 2015
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A talentless celebrity who are somehow admired by 14 year old fan girls and people who think like 14 year old girls. She is famous for sucking on black cocks and being on the garbage reality show "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" which features her equally talentless sisters trying to take over each other's limelight. Dumb bitches praise her because they believe she is perfect despise the amount of plastic she puts into her body and the money she spends on photoshopping her photos. Closeted homos often say that they want to fuck her because their lack of interest in girls have them confuse the cum bucket from girls who are actually attractive.
Idiot: I love Kim Kardashian and you're just jealous because you can't be as pretty as her!

IQ test: Your IQ is lower than your shoe size.
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A snotty ass bitch who has no life. She wastes her money and is nearly bankrupt because of her shit like her wedding and the stupid ass kid North West. Who the fuck names a child like that. People follow her because they has no life so why not follow someone that has none. Such as her other bitch ass sisters and her mother who are all gold diggers are just plain retarted and have an IQ of -103
Celebrity news reporter: Kim Kardashian has sued her stylist for messing up her legs
Person at home: She ain't got no fucking legs and all that she has is her punk ass sombitch of a baby
by BAMBOOM September 22, 2013
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