Measurement is all about tying claims to evidence of execution.
My boss asked me to define "measurement", I said it's the assignment of a number to a characteristic of an object or event, which can be compared with other objects or events. He said, no! It's all about tying claims to evidence of execution. WTF???
by wizardouche August 26, 2020
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To MEASURE, is to compare (what you know) to (what you want to know). You need to know something first in order to compare it with something else. The only thing you can know first had is yourself. This is why they say to "know yourself" so you can measure / compare the rest of reality and make good choices on a conscious level. You are the literal "ruler" by which everything else you learn is measured with.
If you want to know how everything that exists works you must first know yourself as completely as you can. The more you know yourself and how you work the more you can know anything and everything else.

Measuring Units In Folklore And History:
In the biblical story of Noah, the ark was supposed to be 300 cubits long and 30 cubits high. Like all early units of size, the cubit was based on the always-handy human body, and was most likely the length of a man's forearm from elbow to fingertip. You could measure a board, for example, by laying your forearm down successively along its length. In the Middle Ages, the inch is reputed to have been the length of a medieval king's first thumb joint. The yard was once defined as the distance between the nose of England's King Henry I and the tip of his outstretched middle finger. The origin of the foot as a unit of measurement is obvious.
by Grue_Feathermoon November 30, 2021
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Man his penis is so small I couldn't find it in the mircoscope, making it non-measurable
by CarI Johnson August 1, 2019
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Measure means : When you measure something, you find out how big or great it is , and "measurable" means able to be measured
* Be as specific as possible and make sure each step is measurable .

* a measurable improvement
by Shahdiss January 30, 2015
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If you wanted to measure the Irish guy's dick size, he'd come up short every time, and he'd know he was always an asshole with a short dick no matter how many different times or ways you tried to tell him that, but if you wanted to measure what he was made of, that was different.
by Solid Mantis January 23, 2020
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Last Measure is a shock site created by the GNAA, a trolling organization. It uses javascript to display shock images(goatse, meatspin, lemon party, etc), play looping audio of a man saying "HEY EVERYBODY I'M LOOKING AT GAY PORNO!", and spawn multiple moving browser windows. Pressing ctrl, alt, or delete will cause a javascript alert popup which may intercept task manager. It also tries to send "hey everybody I'm looking..." and a link to last measure to everyone on your contacts list in outlook, and it sends whatever is on your clipboard to the GNAA for exploitation. The official version doesn't, but some versions of last measure contain malware.

If you ever accidentally click on a link to last measure, the key is to stay calm. If you freak out you're liable to break something or alert people surrounding you. Quickly press ctrl+alt+del and end your browser process before last measure loads completely. If you're too late for that, just turn off your computer.

There are hundreds of mirrors for last measure. The most common are, replacing anything with any word or any number of subdomains, and The homepage of last measure is, where last measure continues to be actively developed. Last measure is released under the BSD license: it's open source and downloadable.
Person A: "Hey check out this cool site"

Person B: "Ok......god damn it you bast-HEY EVERYBODY I'M LOOKING AT GAY PORNO"

Person A: "Lol, you got last measure'd"
by theymos March 20, 2008
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A drinking group with a singing problem.
I just saw Twisted Measure leave Cantina WASTED to go sing for President Lambert. Damn, those kids are ballers!
by Pizzle your Nizzle May 1, 2009
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