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Teslam is a relatively new religion and its founder Elon Musk was inspired by scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard whose motto was: "If you want to get rich, you start a religion.” And Elon has done it and now he is a multi biljonaire, and for that Musk owes to his fanatic followers who naively believe they will save the world by driving Tesla electric cars.

Teslamism, like all extreme religious movements are a good excuse to stop thinking independently. However, Teslamist, at least not yet are as fundamentally hars toward the infidels that drive conventional cars as their "religion of peace" counterparts who tend to slit throats of dissidents, perhaps the difference comes from the fact that Prophet Musk was born in Pretoria, South Africa while his religion founder colleague was a hook nosed sand nigger.

Prophet Musk's followers do not want to hear the uncomfortable thruth that manufacturing an electric car produces over two times the amount of CO₂ emissions than the conventional one, nor do they want to be aware of that the battery industry uses a lot of child labor at the beginning of the procurement of the materials in shithole countries that Teslamists can imagine saving this planet by driving ”zero-emission cars."
Refining battery material and its transporting from place to place are the causes for the high emission figures which is inevitably only a temporary craze.
- "Look over there, a Tesla semi-trailer truck!"
- "Indeed, wonder what does it transporting?"

- "Greetings and Teslam gospel, its carrying capacity is very modest due to the battery."
by O. W. Tongueincheek November 11, 2021
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It's really difficult for a person who living in a free world to comprehend the extent of the ignorance of the Russians. Decades of propaganda have really done its job, even Joseph Goebbels would've been jealous of such an achievement.

They do not know their history, more precisely; their HONEST history. From lies cannot learn anything and that's why they repeat the same mistakes over and over again. Let's take an example, the Germans are aware of what Nazis did, but these brainwashed tools only know official fairy tails, which they regard as their historiography, although the brutality of the Red Army was no different from that of the Nazis. Today the Russian armed forces are murdering and committing atrocities against civilians in Ukraine at least as effectively as the Red (rape) Army did during WWII. It can hardly be considered as a humane sign that at least it's not yet known that girls under the age of ten have been raped in Ukraine, when their predecessor's orgies usually began from 9-year-olds.

Of course there are reasonable and knowledgeable people in Russia who do not believe blatant lies, unfortunately vatniks and their totalitarian mindset are the majority to keep the war criminal Putler in power - at least so far..
Hopefully the rest of the most gullible fools in the civilized world finally have become aware of how devious the Russian vatniks are since the Ignoramuses' Federation who is murdering, torturing, raping and looting in Ukraine for the second time within a few years.
by O. W. Tongueincheek April 10, 2022
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It's tricky to name just one Norwegian national hero of all time, the country is full of them. WWII alone made them a heroic nation 'cause it's the country that lasted longer than cheese eating surrender monkeys who lasted 42 days instead of 62!

They are also a sporty nation whose popular heroes can be found at the cross-country skiing scene - nothing is more Norwegian than a bunch of asthmatic cross-country skiers in the woods with icy snot, or nothing is as erotic (from a man's POV) as in the mass start competition of women's skate skiing on an uphill route; a queue of heavily panting women in a wide crotch position.

One of the quietest national heroes must be the cod who fought against German occupiers in the resistance movement.

Writer Knut Hamsun was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1920 and definitely one of Norway’s national heroes, his breakthrough work was "Hunger." He was also known as an avid fisherman but he became unpopular right after the War at an older age when he accidentally caught the aforementioned resistance cod by using a heavy duty rod and a braided line - he could've released the hero fish but Knut was too hungry for it...

The icing on the cake is, of course, Vidkun Quisling who was the Führer of Norway from 1942 to -45 until he died suddenly of acute complications from nickel allergy and lead poisoning.
The Norwegian national hero of all time must be OIL because they tend to say all of sudden: "We've got oil." Perhaps this is a self-esteem thing 'cause they know that without oil they would be mere stranglers of cod.
by O. W. Tongueincheek February 23, 2022
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The Soviet Union and today's Putinstan babble endlessly about the "Great Patriotic War" which began according to them on June 22nd, 1941 - no clue about September 17, 1939. They don't want to know anything about the disgraceful Secret Protocol of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact where these two fascists defined the borders of Soviet and German "spheres of influence" as those two parasites expressed it.

Today's Sovok doesn't want to be aware of the countless heinous crimes Soviets commited during the war, they are no different from Nazi atrocities, furthermore they were parasitizing and looting the countries they occupied nearly five decades, they were "liberated" countries.

They keep the wartime Soviet military, the Red Army as a hero, tho' a more truthful name would be the Rape Army 'cause those heroes commited the greatest mass rape in 20th century without pity even children in the countries where the red plague occupied, especially in Germany. Soviet & Putinstanian "official" historians have just about zero credibility due to they tend to rewrite history and remove the unpleasant facts from them like the pigs did in Orwell's Animal Farm.

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it." This phrase is associated with Joseph Goebbels, but this method has been most used by the Soviets and today’s Putinstan and the results show up; ignoramuses don't know their history and repeat the same mistakes over and over again.
"Sovoks should finally start talking about things honestly under their real names, such as an alternative name for the mighty Red Army would be the Rape Army."
by O. W. Tongueincheek January 22, 2022
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The founder of the "religion of peace" was prophet Mohammad. For a some reason he is called "prophet" even though the "pedophile" would be a more appropriate designation - or by what name should be a man called who in his fifties picked up his favorite wife Aisha from a kindergarden and screwed her when she was 9-year-old, of course she was a child of his cousin, so no wonder why 50% of dune coons in the Middle East are inbreds due to consanguineous marriages when the Maestro itself sets an unhealthy example.

There are enough delusional zealots who murder innocent people, even children in the name of gods. Extreme Islamists are a good bad example of these lunatics. Unfortunately their inbreeding hasn't yet come far enough, they still have hands to shoot, blast bombs and slash the throats of infidels and feet to move instead of seal-like body with claws and flippers.

While we are waiting for that day (hurry up evolution, in the name of Charles Darwin!) they continue to commit atrocities among the heredics and if they happen to die while doing their holy mission they become martyrs and will enter paradise with 72 virgin goats. It's a bit foggy on how those clit free tent ladies will be rewarded after they detonate their explosive vest in a crowd.
"The religion of peace takes good care of its women, every individual seems to have a black, portable tent in case of snowstorms - whether a camel's shit-operated stove included.."
by O. W. Tongueincheek December 20, 2021
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... and underneath you'll find the second-rate Genghis Khan. This tradition involves violence, cruelty, and lying from the Mongols. Such a state will inevitably become thoroughly corrupt, violent, paranoid, technologically and socially backward, but the Russkies don’t care 'cause they have lived all their lives in authoritarian shithole, i. e. those ignorant tools simply cannot even think of any other model of government.

If Joseph Goebbels were alive, he would be jealous of how well vatniks are saturated with propaganda and the majority of them are jingoistic Putin followers. Sure, anyone can listen to this Führer and his Reichsminister of Foreign Affairs, Sergey Lavrov's statements as long as you keep in mind that 90% are lies and 10% exaggerations - perhaps they all live in a parallel universe as sovoks did in Soviet times.

Putinstan's attack on Ukraine has shown that the war has been proven to be a clusterfuck, they have failed on many levels. Vladolf Putler's dream is to restore that shithole to true superpower, the dream might come true when he is at a respectable age of 120.

A watched pot never boils, therefore Putler's military has adopted once again the good old Mongol tactics; massacres of civilians, tortures and rapes. Like their Asiatic ancestors, they are destroying all infrastructure such as water supply, granaries, hospitals etc. etc., and schools especially if there happen to be children, those future Nazis are a potential threat to Putinstan.
Scratch the Russian and underneath you'll find the second-rate Genghis Khan - more than 250 years enslavered by Mongols has its effects.
by O. W. Tongueincheek May 9, 2022
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Soviet achievements and innovations were mostly based on espionage, copies/rip offs and forced labor as their initial space program turned out to be. The reason for this is that the atmosphere did not encourage creativity as commies tended to mediocre everyone and the system's bureaucratic rigidity et cetera. After such a waste of talent and brain drain, no one has to wonder about the backwardness of its today's successor, in practice it is still a developing country when taking into account its poor infrastructure, corruption, "justice system" and the share of exports of raw materials in GDP etc. and this current authoritarian regime does not improve the situation to say the least.

About the before mentioned space program; there were ca. 2,000 German rocketeers (engineers, scientists and mathematicians) as a forced labor on the Soviet space program from the end of the war till the late 1950s. Russkies recall eagerly about on the contribution of Wernher von Braun and partners to the US' space program, but for some reason they have a common amnesia in their very own case.

Let's forget rockets and the Sputnik in 1957 because much more significant achievement happened in 1969, the first toilet paper factory! The machines had been imported from the UK, albeit it took years to meet the need of the whole country - in fact, it appears to be still a chronic deficiency in public restrooms if someone daredevil has the courage to visit one.
- "Sputnik in 1957 was nothing compared to the one of the greatest Soviet achievements in 1969."
- "What was this achievement?"

- "The first toilet paper factory in the Soviet Union began production."
- "Oh, how about before that, did they all wipe their ass with a Pravda (Truth) newspaper or with an owl like tree huggers?"

- "Not all, some Tovarištš Comrades had imported toilet paper available, you know, all assholes were equal, but some assholes were more equal than others." (slightly modified George Orwell quote from his 'Animal Farm')
by O. W. Tongueincheek January 12, 2022
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