Describes anything that is awesome or worth praise.
You met Fred Segal, thats kablamo.

Your mouthwash being gargly, thats kablamo.
Your water being watery, thats kablamo.

Your jello being wobbly, thats kablamo.
Meeting Gilbert Godfrey., thats kablamo
If you're harlem globtrotery, thats kablamo.

When your fluids are bodily, thats kablamy.
by Mrs. Lonely Island? June 6, 2006
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Word made famous by Homer Simpson to express a vigerous action.
Homer: "This is a highly sophstimicated dowhacky, if you dont use it responsibly... KABLAMO!"
*lisa from upstairs on the toilet* "Ow someone just punched me in the face!"
Homer: "It was your mother!"
by Jeff24 December 19, 2004
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kablamo is actually a gang made of two girls that are so hardcore they make your momma jealouse. i mean they srsly make you want to punch babies.
kelli and brittany are so kablamo.
by hxckelli January 8, 2008
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A technique used to defeat opponents in a contest or game.
Carlita: Yes I scored a touchdown

Chris: Time to use the Kablamo Method and beat you.

Suddenly Chris beats Carlita 23 to 12
by Chris November 7, 2003
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