1. American bonehead.
2. Pull a Homer: to succeed despite idiocy.
"Looks like I just pulled a Homer!"
- Magic Johnson, after slipping on water and having the ball fly out of his hands, off a ref's head, and into the basket for the game winning three pointer.
by Fenway Nickel January 25, 2004
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Homer Simpson, moronic head of the animated Simpson's family. Voted greatest American of all time (beating out presidents like Abraham Lincoln) in a UK poll.
*Homer after hearing the news* D'oh! Wait a sec... d'oh!
by Syckls September 2, 2004
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A small, simple town in Claiborne Parish, Louisiana, where people are just a different breed, commonly referred to as Little Shreveport , also home to America’s Police Department
“Hey man I tell ya what, that little bastard is as crazy as some Homer, Louisiana people”
Person from any other town in Claiborne Parish: “Man I heard 2 gunshots last night”
Homer people: “damn glad things stayed quiet for y’all”
by TrevChach February 24, 2020
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In baseball - to hit a home run.
wow! that ball went flying. looks like a homer.
by pokemonfreak1231 January 13, 2005
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Homer is the unfortunate mascot of the Home Depot, Atlanta's projection of how their own workers are expected to come across: Dumpy, overweight, short, cartoonish, caricaturized, and unwilling to make eye contact with you.
"What in the world am I looking at? Dopey showed up?"
"Nah. That's actually Homer."
by James Headfield March 10, 2020
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Someone who stays home all the time.
Instead of going to the beach with his friends, Justin stayed home watching re-runs of Breaking Bad because he’s a homer.
by theauthormarkwilkins January 30, 2017
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