a gangster way of insulting one and therefore ones mother
1. Your momma is fat.
2. Your momma cuts your steaks for you.
3. Your momma goes to college.
by tyler brown March 1, 2005
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the subject of all jokes used by assholes when they have no other comeback.
guy #1-"Dude, stay away from me, your a dick!"
guy #2- *silence for a second*

guy #2-" Your momma!"
guy #1 as he walks away-"Douche"
by fuck 'em all June 27, 2009
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a television show on mtv where where people "represent their hoods" by making lame "your momma" jokes on other memebers of the show and wilbur valderama looks like a gay mexican
Wow, that new mtv show Your Momma with that gay mexican really sucks and should be taken off the air
by JStreeter April 26, 2006
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A joke that weird people who were neglected as a child use on Roblox. These people are to be avoided since they are highly likely to be a douche-bag with horrible insults that seem like he or she was sniffing pig ass before they said "Your Momma". These idiots were probably ditched by their parents to get the milk and dont deserve any attention.
Bates said "Your momma is so fat she brought a spoon to the super bowl"

"I believe he was neglected as a child"
by OmgYouAreGayINeverKnew October 21, 2022
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a. Your momma - Your mother.
b. (and) them - everybody related to you; everybody related to your mother; any person closely associated with your mother; any neighbor of your mother within 5 blocks; anybody that attends your mother's church; anybody your mother knew from back in the day; two women named Joyce.
How's your momma and them?
We went ate by your momma and thems.
by Sunshine March 24, 2003
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1)Another way to say "fuck your momma"
2)A way to stop someone from saying something when you dont want to hear it
1) Person 1: Man, your girl has a fat ass!
Person 2: Hey! Fudge your momma

2) Person 1: Damn, shawty is phat! You could neva tap da-
Person 2: Fudge yo mama!
by D.Phanton November 18, 2007
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