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To be under the influence of alcohol and marijuana at the same time. Usually occurs at parties or with a group of friends. Short for crossfaded.
1. "I don't know about you bro, but being crossed is the best!"

2. "Damn dude you look crossed!"
"Yea man... 2 shots, 5 games of beerpong, and a giant rip fucked me up!"
by Erik B January 14, 2008
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A plague that causes its victims to carry out their most evil thoughts. Carriers of the virus are known as the Crossed due to a cross-like rash that appears on their faces. This contagion is primarily spread through bodily fluids, which the Crossed have used to great effect by treating their weapons with it.
The crossed run amok, killing, raping, and maiming. Aircrafts were crashed into buildings, nuclear power plants were intentionally blown up and families and friends butchered each other with whatever weapons they could find.
by WalkerTalker12 March 23, 2012
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when e person a crossover dribble and the person gaurding them either falls or goes in he opposite direction
by Justblaze March 31, 2005
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When you're ill-tempered (angry, pissed, annoyed, etc).
Teacher: I'm so crossed today, class. Please don't make me cross at either of you because I'll suspend you, really.

Student: I'm sure you won't be cross at me, miss. :)

Teacher: Thanks, darlin'.
by Carpet Spill August 03, 2009
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