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a beautiful and very kind woman. cares more about others then herself. a very loving mother when she has children. for a kelli to be disliked is very rare. however don't take this woman to be a pushover. this would be a mistake. she sees all and hears all. and won't hesitate to put her foot up someones ass. to avoid harmful contact with a kelli, stay on her good side and treat her well. she will be a very good friend to you.
jill: ya know kelli so beautiful i wish i could be like her

john: you would have to be alot more than beautiful to be like her. shes a way better person!


Jill: thats not the response i was looking for jerk! but yeah i guess your right
by anonymousbeautiful October 19, 2008
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Kellis is someone who you will never forget. She is funny, pretty, and amazing in every way. She is a great friend, and genuinely cares about everyone. a Kellis has big pretty eyes that you can't stop looking at and is usually graceful, and thin. She has an awesome smile and is a great friend and girlfriend. If you do anything to hurt a kellis you will regret it. a kellis has a sweet tooth and appreciates when people do thoughtful things for her.
1. wow his girlfriend is so amazing!
2. yeah, she's a kellis.
by iwish2050 November 30, 2011
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really good looking.

synonyms: attractive, hot, pretty, beautiful, gorgeous
antonyms: ugly, unattractive

an extremely attractive person.
"Your hair looks really kellis today!"

"You are so pretty. youre such a kellis!"
by jkl500nst November 30, 2011
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a person is stunningly beautiful and a person you always want to be with. a kelli has dark hair, beautiful eyes and is tall. a kelli is funny and loves sushi. a kelli likes to talk about sex all the time. a kelli is a all around amazing person. You would be lucky to have a kelli in your life. be good to one if you ever find one. you will regret it when you lose a kelli because there isnt any one else like her. kelli's are the kind of girl in it for the long run. they might be jealous at times, but its only cause they love you. kelli's are always the life of the party
Person 1: Hey. Look at that girl? Wow i wonder what her name is.
Person 2: Oh my god. I cant help myself from staring.
Person 3: Her name must be kelli.

Dan:I had a kelli in my life, but i was an idiot and let her go.
Steve: too bad man, they are one in a million.
by mynameiskelli October 21, 2009
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Kelli. a girl who is super cute and nice. she has super long and wavy/ curly brown hair . she has pretty blue eyes ,and id always smiling. but when she is not . that mean something is seriously wrong. she is a bit kinky , although she is sweet and nice on the outside. when you get her alone , prepared to have you tied up and boned. she will rock your world. kelli is crazy in a good way. she is usually very curvy, not fat but not thin. she is thick. although a bit chubby , but its all good. she dresses up alot . and has very big eyelashes. she is smokin hot.
Dude you know kelli!
yeah the sweet one
man she totally tore me up last night
by Bongadong October 15, 2011
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a girl who is easy to get along with and extremely chill, girls like kelli are usually found chillin out at home by the tv or eating tacos. kellis have the best sense of humor and can't be serious about anything. life is just fun in the eyes of a kelli, be good to one if you ever find one. they have brown hair, are quite short, and are cute as fuck;; and life is just easier when you have a kelli to help you out
James: Hey man, who is that chick? She seems cool
Kyle: That's kelli, she's kick ass!
James: Fuckin' sweet, I wish I was friends with her!
by iloveyou xoxo July 25, 2009
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