aw, that was srsly badass.
wait... srsly?
by NoSrsly June 12, 2010
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'seriously' spelled without the vowels.
used by lazy people on the internet.
iNtErNeTmAnIaC1: dis site is teh BOMBZORS!!!
InTeRnEtMaNiAc2: SRSLY dude!
by whatserface December 1, 2007
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Used often in txt, as double tapping or t9 is really annoying
A: U comin?
B: Srsly IDK
A: k. l8r.
by BBlackout February 15, 2008
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Srsly is an internet shorthand or slang for seriously. It is either written out of laziness, a complete inability to spell or type, or in a failed attempt to be amusing.
Mark: I think elves have built a citadel in my ass.
Burt: SRSLY!?
Mark: Yep, dude, a citadel, with a cute little toy store too.
Burt: O rlly?
by bumsecks October 28, 2006
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taking vowels out of words doesn't always make the cool.
Brent: srsly?
Angela: Taking vowels out of words doesn't always make them cool!
by van_tango January 16, 2008
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