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Crapcore is a music genre with a clear aggressive mode that has nearly no lyrics at all. Most often, crapcore has a fuzzy and very fast beat, the samplings have very low quality and the vocals consist solely of screams. Sometimes single words or phrases can be heard.

There is a fine line between crap-core and crap. Crapcore is less a musical genre or style and more a method of thinking, and an approach towards creating art. While crapcore music can range from simplistic accoustic tunes to avant-garde opperettas made by screaming into a hand-held tape recorder, what remains constant is a naive ability and willingness to create despite an awful environment or the neccescity to use the most rudimentry, broken-down tools. And beyond this simplistic and haggard bum's work-ethic, crapcore always has an underlying ugly-ness. The crapcore artist is simultaniously a cynical and pretentious rip-off artist and a "outsider" idiot-artist. He or she will continue to create flawed artwork no matter the situation because of a compulsion and an inability to function within the "outside world."

Many novelty or "crap" artists often confuse their work with crapcore. Crapcore music is closely related to freak-out, core-core, far-out and avant-unlistenable, in that it is likely sloppy, lo-fi, fueled by alcohol or drugs or widely considered exremely irritating, however a wide spectrum of diverse artists could also be defined by such wide deffinitions.
Some "popular" crapcore artists include "German Cars vs American Homes", "Hasil Adkins", "Pope John Paul the Third" and "Passenger of Shit".
by Jeff24 January 9, 2005
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Alternative way of saying "fuck off". Used when typing "fuck" would be stopped. e.g. chat rooms
You: f'cough
by Jeff24 May 23, 2005
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A: Im emo AND an American.
B: ROFLMAOAY!!!*points* FAG!
by Jeff24 June 4, 2005
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Power Quest are a progressive power metal band from Southhampton, UK. They were initally a part of DragonHeart who split up into the very popular Dragonforce and Power Quest. Power Quest are known for their incredibly fast and talented guitar playing, keyboard playing, soaring vocals and fantasy lyrics.
Power Quest- "Far away in a bygone age when the stories heard were true, legends told by the men of old have brought us here today."
by Jeff24 April 23, 2005
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1.A word used to describe hardcore, rough sk8ing terrain e.g. "Shit that run up was gnarly"
2.Used to describe someones style of sk8ing e.g. "Dude, that kickflip BS crooked was gnarly!"
as above
by Jeff24 July 9, 2003
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This subgenre of grindcore started with the band Carcass, and is most notable for having gore obsessed lyrics, more of a "groove", and pitchshifting vocals.
Most notable goregrind bands are: Cannibal Corpse, Carcass, Cephalic Carnage, Pig Destroyer, Vomitorial Corpulence and many more.
by Jeff24 January 9, 2005
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