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1. Noise made when you jump on a fish.
2. The noises fish make out of water.
3. A fish on a bike saying something.
Discontented fish: "MAAAAWWWWP"
by Jeff24 December 19, 2004
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Power Quest are a progressive power metal band from Southhampton, UK. They were initally a part of DragonHeart who split up into the very popular Dragonforce and Power Quest. Power Quest are known for their incredibly fast and talented guitar playing, keyboard playing, soaring vocals and fantasy lyrics.
Power Quest- "Far away in a bygone age when the stories heard were true, legends told by the men of old have brought us here today."
by Jeff24 April 23, 2005
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A: Im emo AND an American.
B: ROFLMAOAY!!!*points* FAG!
by Jeff24 June 04, 2005
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This subgenre of grindcore started with the band Carcass, and is most notable for having gore obsessed lyrics, more of a "groove", and pitchshifting vocals.
Most notable goregrind bands are: Cannibal Corpse, Carcass, Cephalic Carnage, Pig Destroyer, Vomitorial Corpulence and many more.
by Jeff24 January 09, 2005
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1.A phrase made popular by a Craig David song. Used to show joy or dissmay.
2.One of the best comdey programmes ever to grace Ch4
1. "Oh no...I've pissed me self...bo selecta."
by Jeff24 July 09, 2003
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A twist on the commonly used "hello".

Adding the letter "p" nicely closes up the rather open ending "hello" and makes for a more pleasing onomatapeic sound to the greeting.

Often used in text speak or IM speak.
"I'm sorry?"

"Hellop Bill!"
"Hellop tardface"
by Jeff24 September 10, 2006
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A phrase usually said three times by Santa Claus/Father Christmas.
"Ho ho ho merry Chrsitmas"
"Ho ho ho come and sit on Santa's lap little vulnerable child"
by Jeff24 July 10, 2003
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