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<3 - Less than 3. Not more than 3. Not equal to three. But decidedly less than 3.
2 is <3
1 is <3
-1 is <3
by Jeff24 June 9, 2005
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An easter egg in the PC version of the popular Rockstar game "Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas". It contains the ability for your player(CJ) to have sex with his current girlfriend in a variety of positions, until the orgasm meter is full.
by Jeff24 August 17, 2005
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Noun. A small piece of tobacco or cannabis that enters the mouth while smoking. Usually occurs with poorly hand-rolled cigs/spliffs.
Gargh *spits* God-damnit who rolled this crap?Im getting flybacks here
by Jeff24 August 4, 2005
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Noun. A meeting of musicians who smoke cannabis in order to inflict a positive effect on their music playing and songwriting skills.
Stoner: M'kay dude stoner jam at mine on Wednesday. Bring your bong AND your bass this time.
by Jeff24 August 1, 2005
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A: Im emo AND an American.
B: ROFLMAOAY!!!*points* FAG!
by Jeff24 June 4, 2005
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A healthy dose of video games.

Not really a vitamin but just as essential as any nutrient to people who play all manner of video games. For any video game obsessive the lack of this health 'benefit' in their daily diet can be serious. However, too much of vitamin vg can cause negative side effects.
Because my Xbox 360 got the RRoD I haven't had my daily dose of vitamin vg in weeks!
by Jeff24 June 18, 2009
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It is NOT the area between the balls and anus. That my friends is the "guch"
A "chode" is a penis wider than it is long. Also a kick-ass insult.
"Although he can't satisfy women with his chode he does recieve amazing blowjobs"
by Jeff24 July 9, 2003
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