Jehova's Witness. One who peddles religion foor to door like a cheap prostitute. See also: telemarketer, crapfest, fucking moron
One can't help feeling sorry for JWs. No one likes them.

MA! GET TEH GUN! IT's one of them JW's again!
by Chaoslight November 11, 2003
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JW is term that can be used to describe dodging a person.

it's short term refers to Jehoviah's Witness, who go door to door 'preaching', causing certain people to hide and pretend to not be home.
Sarah is on her way over to hangout, think I'm going to have to pull a JW.
by MelissaC August 18, 2007
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A large pile of fat that rides a bike and needs braces
by lolatyourlife April 17, 2009
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To milk your minor cancer-scare for all the emotion and sympathy that it's worth - whilst simultaneously emploring people not to take your ceaseless over-dramatic movies as attention-whoring. Often used to distract people from the real issue and get away with blue murder.
"I was going to level with my girlfriend about my cheating the other day - but in the end I just decided pull a JW - after 2 solid hours of heartfelt goodbyes she didn't suspect a thing!!"
by yes August 1, 2003
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"i g0t pwned by jw!!!111oneone!!1! i think he cheats"
by Bill June 29, 2004
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A JW ego means a person like the JW who has a big ego. Meaning that your a trash T2 critical ops player who thinks there really famous and are on a godly tier and can’t be touched. Quite like his pal Bainz. It also correlates to JW falling of and now being in KI7 or something god knows he joins every clan possible.
JW will never be good.
A JW ego is something that Old gens who are irrelevant now have.
by Nekivz November 30, 2020
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Lame ass school full of preps and gangster bitches if your not one of them than your nothing
Cheerleader: dont you just love JW Mitchell HS

Unknown guy : no this place reeks of preppy ass hores and gangster bitches
by child of darkness792 November 6, 2009
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