A shortened version of the words "just wondering", it is normally used in chatrooms and online typing communications.
Bill:hu did u pull yesterday?


by lil_stewey July 20, 2006
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Just Wondering.

When you ask a question to someone that you don't really feel like explaining why or care about the answer.

When you're too lazy to type.

Guy online: Hey what are you doing tonight?

Me: Should I dye my hair?

Guy: Why?

Me: jw.

awkward silence...conversation over.
by alissafoo November 06, 2008
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Short for Just Wondering. Used when asking a question. Can also be used to justify creepy questions.
a) Jw, what's ur favorite color?

b) Are you home alone? Jw
by oliviasaywhat? May 14, 2009
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"i g0t pwned by jw!!!111oneone!!1! i think he cheats"
by Bill June 29, 2004
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