Short for Just Wondering. Used when asking a question. Can also be used to justify creepy questions.
a) Jw, what's ur favorite color?

b) Are you home alone? Jw
by oliviasaywhat? May 14, 2009
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A guy, who you probably want to be in bed with. But he has his big fat ass on one person, (whispers) a girl named Annie, but everyone else likes her ( in other words 2 people) but ones Jw, so only one Bruan the enemy of JW that fight all day and night but eventually Bruan wins but Jw tried his hardest
Jw is the hottest bot in school.
by Ya probably know me May 13, 2019
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Abbreviation of the phrase, "Jacking off, Wait!"
Mother: Hurry up son, we are gonna be late!!!

Son: Wait, JW!

Mother: Huh? Wondering about???
by The Fire Lord July 27, 2010
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The most beautiful man. His girlfriend is Annie and will be with her forever. She will choose him over Braun cause is a dickhead who try's to hard to get annie
Annie and JW Sitting in a bed F u c k I n g
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Sexiest man ever to walk the face of earth. Big d*ck. Charming and pulls a lot of girls.
Oh my God he look like a jw.
by Hdnfygrdjd March 17, 2017
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