Lame ass school full of preps and gangster bitches if your not one of them than your nothing
Cheerleader: dont you just love JW Mitchell HS

Unknown guy : no this place reeks of preppy ass hores and gangster bitches
by child of darkness792 November 06, 2009
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Jw- just wondering,is a short term used by anyone who knows what the heck it it
I was 'jw' if you want to make a new video
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describes one not doing anything.
James has been lazing around everyday, he's always jw-ing.
by moosucks October 28, 2021
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A social currency used by social justice warriors for personal gain, often to bully or silence others. How much a person has depends on their level in the intersectionality pyramid. For example, a Trans Woman of Color would have more than a gay white man or a cis black woman. Obviously.

$JW can also be used to refer to said currency. Sometimes used to refer to the SJW profiteers themselves.
Whoa, a white woman can't call a black man a p*ssy for not opposing Trump, she doesn't have enough $JW currency for that.

Of course she would play the victim after he made a joke, she is an $JW comedian.
by Megan PDX June 14, 2018
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