big metal torture devices that dentists use for entertainment
"Braces are used for straightening teeth, Stevie," Dr. Hyde said.
by Jordan November 14, 2003
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It's a normal, calm day until you visit the dentist. They give you the horrible news- you need braces. First you have to put these little things in between your teeth. Then you have to take mold and x-rays and get on these little metal torture devices, hand made by Satan and shipped from hell itself. After two years of them being tightened and getting screamed at by your orthodonist (unless you get a not demon-possessed one), you get them off. "YAY!" you think, until they hand you your retainer, which is a pain to make sure you don't lose it whe you take it off to eat and you have to make sure to wear it or else it won't fit anymore. In short, braces are the worse things I've ever had the displeasure to wear.
by A random somebody September 2, 2005
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Dentists think they're being nice by letting kids choose different colors.

They can suck it.
by theskyxisfalling June 28, 2005
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1. Horrible, painful metal contraptions that are placed on your teeth by people with no sense of humor and a love of seeing kids in pain (called "orthodontists").

2. A combination of metal wires, brackets and teeny rubber bands that sap you of the ability to talk normally, eat candy, get a date, and wake up without a checker pattern etched into your gums.

3. A device placed on the teeth that leaves you crying every 6 weeks as you leave the orthodontist because they say you won't get them off for another few months (yet, you're still "almost there!")
I'd offer you some of this/these super good popcorn/pretzels/caramel/toffee/taffy/gum/gummy worms, but you have braces...

Yeah, she's kinda hot, but look at those braces...

Now I know you thought you'd get your braces off this time, but we still need a little more time....yes, I know it's been 4 years, but you're "almost there"!
by hatemaheffinbraces December 28, 2010
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Metal brackets on each tooth which where hand made by gets stuck in the brackets and when u try to get them out with your tounge it looks wierd to other people and it cuts your tounge more than a knife can
Guy 1: hey i just got braces

Guy 2: Sweet how long will you have them on for

Guy 1: o for the rest of highschool

Guy 2: o thts cool just 2 more weeks

Guy 1: im a freshman

Guy 2: your fucked
by Pitbull3291 August 4, 2006
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an excuse for girls to get out of giving blowjobs.
by DaddyShaggy September 19, 2004
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Hitler's last Vengance weapon, codenamed Kindzahnfolterung or Child Teeth Torture. He sent Himmler, Head of the SS to an underground lab to design them. Then plans were shipped to America where spies got them patented. Hitler also designed pallet expanders and another, much worse device... Thankfully, American Troops stopped the production of this last torture....
Hitler: Ach! Himmler! Ve need to make a vengance veapon to kill ze children of ze Worlt. Or At Least hurt them...
Himmler: Brillant Mein Fuhere! We will call them braces!
by Bracecase January 14, 2007
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