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A term used to describe a kitchen that is empty/low on food.
This term is used particularily in dorms when friends come over mainly to raid the fridge and it's empty.

Rexic can also be used to describe anything that is meager or tiny in portion or serving.

guy 1: hey man, got any soda and chips?
guy2: nope the fridge is totally rexic

example 2. Hey can I have some more fries that portion that you gave me was rexic.
by MelissaC August 18, 2007
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Food so sad looking it looks like it might need to eat something itself

slang used to describe a very skinny person

slang also used to describe a desperate looking person
Look at this burger, what a rip off, man it's hungry looking.

Look at the creep checking out all the girls from the corner of the caf, he's hungry looking.

That girl's ribs are poking out her shirt,she's hungry looking!

by MelissaC August 18, 2007
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JW is term that can be used to describe dodging a person.

it's short term refers to Jehoviah's Witness, who go door to door 'preaching', causing certain people to hide and pretend to not be home.
Sarah is on her way over to hangout, think I'm going to have to pull a JW.
by MelissaC August 18, 2007
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