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A very tall white supremacist with a hatred for the Jews , usually coming from their Lithuanian background.
Jewish male - happy hanukkah

Justas - NEIN
by Dodgerpen15 November 07, 2017
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A big sexy Russian that is on steroids that will steal your bitches and fuck you up if you look at him wrong but is also the nicest person you'll meet
Damn… Justas just took that dudes bitch and fucked him up, good thing me and Justas are close
by mongoloid900 June 09, 2018
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A person who likes video games more than most people. If you get into his friend circle, you are special.
“Justas is a cool guy, I’m glad I managed to be friends with him.”
by Lug1a October 10, 2019
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1. can pull the hottest girls
2. fine asf

3. comes from a lithuanian background
4. fuck you up quickly
5. freaky
6. usually loyal
hoe 1- damn he hot.
girl 1- yeah ikr. that's justas. he's mine.
by periodttt_poohhh December 04, 2019
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An overweight boy/girl that often gets bullied by friends and small children. Normally has blonde hair and is the most unpopular child in Primary and Secondary. Will grow up to be a McDonald's employee.
Person one: Is that your friend?
Person two: No, he doesn't have friends.
Person one: So, he's a Justas, right?
by Shanikwa Magnus June 15, 2015
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