fuck you up means that you are fucking pissed at someone and you are going to beat them...punch them or whatever
by Billy joe huff July 3, 2008
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Something you say when you are sexually attracted to someone and want to have sex with them. Saying what you’ll do once you get the chance to see someone you like.
You are so fine, I’m gonna fuck you up when I see you.
by Woops September 9, 2019
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A Stevenseagalism meaning to cause physical injury stressing the intent to disfigure. Coined by Louisiana deputy sheriff, film actor and blues musician Steven Seagal for the motion picture Driven to Kill from 2009.
SS: Let me go, just let me go on by...or I'll fuck you up ugly.
G1: Heheh, "fuck you up ugly" he says!
G2: Both of us?
G1: Tell me something, what's that mean "fuck you up ugly"?
SS: It means yo momma won't recognize you in your coffin.
by wonderwill June 29, 2011
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means the person saying it plans to seriously injure or kill the person it is said too
Tom: Hey, dude, you want to fight? Hit me!
Bill: Man, You should walk away! I have a black belt in karate. I will fuck you up!
by noladoc April 27, 2014
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A term used by arrogant teenagers to make them look tough when in actual fact they won't do jackshit.
Person 1: hey Jake!
Jake: *Walks away*

Person 1: Come here, I'll fuck you up.
Jake: Fuck you, Pathetic loser!

#jock #teen #stupid shit #arrogant #teenager #loser
by BigBunnyrabbits March 1, 2019
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