super smoooth or really easy when things go your way or to bag a girl without effort
how was that trip to the dmv? it was like in and out in 15 minutes

what happened with that chick after i left? it was like butter
by monkeydan December 20, 2007
host: what does it mean do be smooth like butter?
V(Bts): Like a jimin.
Members: like a jimin?
by smooth like butter (BTS) May 29, 2021
1) Something/someone that works efficiently

2) The act of performing a task in a flawless and smooth-like manner.

3) It just works

4) melted butter
"Dude, my new macbook pro is so effin sweet, it just runs like butter."

"The Apple Store in Tice's Corner...runs like butter."

"Yo man, this girl...she did what she was doin so good...i was just like...'it runs like butter'"
by Butterboii October 17, 2008
when a girl is very sexual and spreads her legs easily to another guy so they could insert their dick inside of her.
“Hey did you hear about the new girl?”
“Yeah, I heard she spreads like butter.”
by ESKETIT2017 December 29, 2017
A saying used to describe how easy it was to accomplish whatever you were trying to do.
You say its like butter baby when you fuck a girl the first night you meet her.
Land a freaking wicked redonkulous trick the first time you try it.
Take someones money gambling.
Drain 3's at the basketball court.
by M CAZ August 19, 2009
A saying pioneered by Carruso implying something is smooth like butter, or perfect / clean
*Scores rocket league goal*

Drone - "It's just like butter and cream"
by big_old_drone(hasbigdick) October 12, 2021