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A person that exudes confidence and intelligence. Their wit and courage contribute to their swagger and compels bystanders to gaze in admiration.
Big Sexy: You deserve to feel sexy.
Person: What?
Big Sexy: Being sexy is a social construct bound by sexual tension. Your independence and intelligence is what makes you sexy.
Person: Okay, I'm just trying to buy a coffee, but thank you.
by May 05, 2018
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A large, well dressed and well groomed woman who, while weighing well in excess of a healthy weight, also exudes sexuality.

Co-Worker No. 1: Did you see Valerie today?

Co-Worker No. 2: Oh man, she looks fine. She is Big Sexy.
by Shakespeare My Butt December 27, 2005
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Big Sexy is a man who represents excellence in every area every man should possess not only should he be great in the bedroom but he's also a genius in the boardroom and most definitely possesses sex appeal that makes male pornstars want be like him and the ladies drop their panties, thongs, or g-strings submissively he's also takes great care of himself he's something close to a fitness freak he's in the gym for four hours a day seven days a week constantly staying on a stricted balance diet and he's very athletic he's a people person and not at all racist his confidence is up to par with God himself he has no problem achieving or fighting for what he believes in whether big or small he holds tightly to it he has a great since of fashion very organized and cleanly he's a gentleman but if pushed too far he's gangster for real but when he's in the wrong and knows he's in the wrong he will apologize he's also A very forgiving man and goodhearted he loves to have a good time but when it's time to he will handle his business in an orderly fashion manner he's a great dancer and a great leader a great friend a great man he's THE KING OF GREATNESS HE IS BIG SEXY
man in heard big sexy not only great in the bedroom but a genius in the boardroom too
by BIGG T September 21, 2016
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To be sexy in a big way, not just physically but in any way that is aesthetically pleasing
"You be looking big sexy with your new outfit"
by jblazi December 01, 2009
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One who thinks he is cool, because all the girls hang out with him , yet he doesnt realize that they think he is of the homosexual persuasion.
Lee, or should i say "big sexy" ? haha man u gotta stop thinking the girls hug you because they think ur cool, they think you're gay ...
by The Vivacious Shizzlemah February 06, 2004
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