Baiscly when someone on VR chat trys to get our of the "do you know da wae." almost all of the knukels chase after them saying "WHY ARE YOU RUNNING
"Do you know da wae?" "no go away"
(Non believer runs away)
"WHY ARE YOU RUNNING!!!" why are you running?
by Meme deffinitions January 19, 2018
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A common turn of phrase used to desribe gentlemen running a satisfactory level of customer service and product quality in any business, often said when drunk to a kebab shop owner, a tesco employee or even a taxi driver.
Andy: *In yateley kebab house* *with beer in hand* one kebab please good sir

Ahmet (owner of best kebab yateley): coming right up sir

*within 5 minutes perfect kebab given with a smile*

Andy: cheers lads- You run a great business
by jamalshamali January 26, 2012
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A term used by a group of people who are running a ring around you to demoralize you. Usually religious or moral zealots, using techniques simmilar to a paedophile ring, or barbaric practices such as gay conversion therapy, under the control of domestic violence, stalking etc.
I'm running you, you can't look after yourself.
by ghost9776 July 21, 2020
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To cordially wishith upon the runs/diarrhea to someone/something
Someone cuts you off while driving on the road: "I wish you the runs"
by J-Bye January 17, 2009
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