19 definitions by Ace the simp

1: Jeff is super attractive and everyone loves him
2: He’s a Simp Magnet
by Ace the simp February 4, 2023
A person who will cause trouble for sure
K: H is a gremlin
by Ace the simp March 8, 2023
An annoying kid who always wants to be the main center of attention.
Person: Carl is such a baby bird
by Ace the simp December 17, 2022
Someone who looks like a cool kid and is very attractive, but is actually an airheaded moron. Can be shortened as “aether
L: I have a brother, Nick, who is a cool kid, although he’s a straight F student
K: He’s defiantly and aether person
by Ace the simp March 2, 2023
Thiccer than thicc
Me: Dayum she dummy thicc (and yes, I said that before)
by Ace the simp February 22, 2023