1. An unofficial remix that incorporates the complete, finalized original song.
2. Fake-ass imitations of something authentic.
1. Check out my bootleg of Coldplay's new album.
2. Look at all those bootleg superheroes walking around Times Square
by CaptainXDify April 08, 2015
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In EDM, and possibly other music genres as well, bootleg is a term used for a remix of a song in which the producer made the remix using only the original song in its finished condition. This differs from a traditional remix in that in a remix (not a bootleg), the producer has access to the individual tracks (vocal, bass, melody, etc.) that make up the original song and uses them to create the remix.
-- "I love this song!"
-- "You should check out the new bootleg then, I'll send you the link!"
by Barrington88 August 03, 2011
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Normally, "bootleg" refers to goods illegally sold and distributed, without proper taxation, and at a loss to the original manufacturer of the goods. This can apply to anything, from booze to cigarettes to designer jeans, etc, as long as it is sold and distributed by other than legal means. Today the term is primarily used to describe stolen audio/video recordings that are illegally sold and distributed on the Internet.
I know all about counterfeiting, pirating and bootlegging because I sell bootleg CDs and other material on the Internet. Give me a call if you need anything.
by Doc Velocity December 25, 2004
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Beyond audio piracy, anything that is "bootleg" is fake, unfashionable, or lacking in any way.
Dude, that rent-a-cop is so bootleg!
by wallyTour October 20, 2009
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Bootleg recording

A bootleg recording is a audio or video recording of a performance that was not officially released by the artist or under other legal authority. A great many such recordings are simply copied and traded among fans of the artist without financial exchange, but some bootleggers are able to sell these rarities for profit, sometimes by adding professional-quality sound engineering and packaging to the raw material.

One of many great bootlegs from Metallica is Toronto '86 ...
by Hoarder April 06, 2006
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Something that is illegally copied distributed or sold without permission from the copyright or trademark owner.

A counterfeit of an official product or a fake product that does not exist.
That DVD is a bootleg
by bgfbhfhfgghnfhfhffh June 18, 2021
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Bootleg means when someone looks/does something ghetto or will see someone wear something expensive & recreates it into a ghetto version.
Hey did you see daisy wearing those bootleg heels.

Omg I can’t believe ray just did that, he’s so bootleg.
by A$apLana September 30, 2018
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