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Term given to a young girl with high sex appeal, fresh skin and a shapely figure.

Often related to curves of a round butt and large breasts.
Person 1: Damn that girl is so hot. Her 34Es are so juicy!
Person 2: I just wanna squeeze those juicy jugs. They would drip sex if I did you know.
by Matt Bateman May 13, 2003

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Smegma which curdles and forms under the foreskin on a male who has low genital hygiene standards.
Person 1: What's that smell dude?
Person 2: Dude, that's my knob cheese. Damn, I knew I should have washed this morning.
by Matt Bateman May 10, 2003

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The rebal in one of the best episodes in Southpark ever.

A hoax hand puppet.

A person who pretends to be a celebrity for cheep laughs and thrills.
I'm not who you think I am, I'm not Jennifer Lopez. I am Mitch Conner!
by Matt Bateman May 15, 2003

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to moodje...is to spread a food across another food with force alone.
to spread a ripe tomato onto a slice of bread, you cut the tomato in half and then MOODJE the tomato into the bread, before cooking or eating.
by Matt Bateman March 19, 2004

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When you had embraced too much of something that you can't take anymore.

This may involve making you repulse something you like owing to an overdose. I.e. Too much of a good thing.
'Man, I've had so many of those bacon and cheese sandwiches I've got serious Kooshlash! I can't take no more!'
by Matt Bateman May 07, 2003

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How Chinese and Japanese people pronounce the word 'Fucking'
Chinese Guy: I hate those fugga (A)mericuns!
Japanese Guy: Me no like those fugga English guys too!
by Matt Bateman May 13, 2003

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Classic Michigan State University Campus based sitcom broadcast on local cable access. Based on a various group of residents on Campus getting up to thrills, spills, chills, and kills. An amature version of 'Saved By The Bell' The College Years.

Est: 1989
Person 1: Did you see that cool British dude on cable access last night?
Person 2: Yeah, that guy's on The Show!
by Matt Bateman May 13, 2003

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