a perfectly statuesque girl that needs to be described as a sculpture, as there is no other word that does her justice. Beautiful does not come close. It's as if every angle of her body and face has been chiseled to perfection like a sculpture.
Q. Would you describe her as "on fire"?

A. That doesn't even do her justice man...she's a sculpture.
by who f-ing knows August 28, 2006
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When a person is far too high on cocaine, edgy and arrogant.
When someone has done too much chilsel they become sculptured, as a chisel is used to make a sculpture.
by Ashteroid November 5, 2006
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The refined person’s way of referring to taking a shit.
Excuse me, my dear friend, I must leave for awhile so that I might work on a most collectible turd sculpture.
by Dr Bunnygirl June 5, 2021
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a bong or a piece. mainly used for cannabis consumption.
"my, what a fine glass sculpture you've got there!"
by maaaarshuuuuh September 15, 2008
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1. Another word for feces.

2. A dump requiring considerable effort to excrete, thus the groan.
With a heave, a sigh and a plop, Walter eventually fashioned and sent seaworthy a particularly smelly groan sculpture.
by SimonIVC May 2, 2011
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A person, usually male, of conservative political orientation (regardless of how he describes himself), who is quick to be offended by social practices, arguments or policies which he (usually it's a he) imagines are "socialism", "cultural marxism" or "political correctness". The butter sculpture tends toward a greasy pallor, is prone to rancidity, and (to judge by his typical behavior) is vulnerable to "contamination" through contact with those he regards as economically or racially unclean. Progressives regard the "butter sculpture" with the same disdain as conservatives
"That guy was just ranting about how "The Last Jedi" ruined Star Wars by turning it into cultural Marxist propaganda. What a butter sculpture."

"FFS, you pulled your kid out of class simply because you heard the teacher was going to discuss trans women. Now you have the gall to call call me a "snowflake" for insisting on a more balanced (rather than heroic) portrayal of John A. MacDonald. You pathetic butter sculpture".

"You're outraged that Alex Jones was kicked off Twitter, but you're offended by a the idea of affordable rental housing on your residential street. What a butter sculpture."
by Danforthist March 1, 2019
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