(Scottish usage) A poo poo. Variant spelling of joby. Plural is Jobbies.
Ah feel better noo ahv dun a jobbie.
by Gav April 13, 2004
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I took my dug oot so he could Jobbie.
by bread infection December 1, 2009
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It's a term when paired "the hut" becomes more geek-tastic.
Did you see the Star Wars Movie with Jobbie the hut?
by Oklahoma Jim November 24, 2018
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noun: a person who attends Job Corps
i.e. Yeah, we're just a whole bunch of poor Jobbies.

i.e. We're going back to Jobbie Land!
by Sullen Tempest September 7, 2008
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Scottish slang for shite, quite possibly the funniest word ever made.
"A wee beige jobby, floating there, smiling at you!"
by AxelS September 18, 2013
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why jim, that was a rather long jobby jobby, did you eat it as well?

Of course I did, I cannot resist a good jobby jobby
by god April 12, 2003
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Ah'm gonnae jobby masel. That film wis pure jobby. C'mere ya wee jobby. Or for instance, tartin' up hooses in a cooncil scheme: "Aye well, ye cannae polish a jobby".
by Pedro March 4, 2004
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