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i got one with windows xp home w/sp2
mine has a
AMD 2700+ 2.2 ghz
samsung 2700 512 ram
radeon 9200se 128mb graphics card
by god March 27, 2005
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-You're not going out tonight.
- Whatever, email me.
by god February 8, 2005
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the most insane music earth will ever hear
by god October 7, 2004
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Son of Count Dracula ... supernatural powers to any who use this alias within the Gaming Realms ......
(After someone killed 100+ cstrike players) 'OMFG YOU JUST CRANKED THE MINIMUM CRITERIA FOR AN ALUCARD!'
by god March 6, 2003
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an unusually large black cock which can penentrate any woman of its choosing through force and or rape.
Look at the carribean meat missile.
Often shortened o meat missile or carribean. ie. he has a fuck off carribean
you dont have a meat missile.!
by god August 10, 2003
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a weak and poor imitation of crystal palace. the british government used to send convicts to australia, now they make them watch charlton
"daddy, daddy why do people support charlton"

"i dont know son. probably for the same reason people commit suicide"
by god February 24, 2005
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The name given to projects never to be finished.
Lets make a game and call it Cloud9.
by god July 29, 2003
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