The Food was gross (as a vegetarian, they once served me a RAW POTATO for dinner!!) ...But it was FREE!

The dorms were old and falling apart (The furnace would decide to stop working in the middle of winter and blow out FREEZING cold air, it would take a minimum of 3 days to get maintenance in to fix it) ...But it was a FREE bed to sleep in!

The roommates were immature, loud, and freakin INSANE! (I watched this one girl make out with her stuffed animal dog for an hour before crying herself to sleep) ...But it taught you INTERPERSONAL SKILLS!

The leaders in dorm were full of themselves, gave bad advice, and some even stole things from others. (My room leader once during chores got into my dresser and stole $35 dollars out of my I.D. Pouch) ...But they taught you how NOT to be a leader!

The staff liked to patronize the students. Most were write-up happy. (We sometimes got write ups for walking in the grass) ...But the ones that really cared about the students would have done ANYTHING to help us out!


Job corps really sucked, but if you go in with the right head about things and follow the rules (no matter how pathetic they are) you'll survive just fine! Job corps was good for me, and good for a ton of other people too!

...oh! Did I mention that they PAY YOU TO RECEIVE A FREE EDUCATION?!?! That's right, YOU GET MONEY FOR IT!!!
I spent 366 days at Job Corps and Graduated from the program as a CERTIFIED PHARMACY TECHNICIAN and CERTIFIED PHLEBOTOMY TECHNICIAN (and over $900 in my back pocket!)

Job Corps, although tough, is a good place to get straight!
by 1-2-3;4-3-2 July 3, 2011
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I Went To Pjcc And I Enjoyed Every Moment Of It..Yea It Was Tuff And Sometimes I Wanted To Quit.. But Its Because Of JobCorps That Im The Women I Am Today. Theres Always Gonna Be Drama Thats Just Like High School. But Here You Live Away From Home Free Food And Collage Classes..All Free If You Jus Wanna Get Away And Try Things On Your Own And Dont Mind Haveing To Follow Some Ruls. And Put Up Tith The BullShit Or Your Roomates..Everything Should 'be Fine.
Job Corps Aka School Is Fun..Foreal
by GraduateFromJC September 30, 2011
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Job Corps, Where do I start. Instead of BITCHING AND MOANING about a free home, free food, and free college level education like everyone else, I will let you in on the real Job Corps. Job Corps is for kids from the ages 16 to 24 that cant get on their feet, make it through public school, or just survive. This place grows people up and make them choose between being a total fuck up piece of shit or being a real person that wants to live a good life without trouble. The people who have posted bad things about Job Corps are the ones who couldnt get the clue on being a real person. They are the ones that we saw in EXRA DUTY every weekend because they kept getting in trouble. THEY are the reason we have strict rules. The Rules here are not hard to follow and are common sense. They are in place to keep all safe and without problems. And you know what.... Mabey Job Corps staff do have a life and get laid. Did you ever think that they get paid to PUSH AND PUSH TO MAKE YOU BETTER. If you want to get Butt HURT because a bunch of teachers want to get paid minimal gov't wage to help you have a better life then they did, then go home and dont take the help. SHUT THE FUCK UP. GO HOME AND START SUCKING ON YOUR MOMS TIT. Because when your at home.... that is what you do..... suck the parents money, life and fun away. GET OUT INTO THE REAL WORLD. For those who are looking at Job Corps.... GO.... Learn somthing...... MAKE A BETtEr YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by Dracona3 October 20, 2009
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I went to job corps and went through all the shit that all the ghetto fucking kids wanted to pull. e.g. taking a shit in the toilet and not flushing. pissing in the fountain. smelling like shit all the time. starting shit with other people, because they are immature assholes. This is the typical bullshit that is done all the time. ALL THE FUCKING TIME. YOu know how ***I**** got through job corps? I fucking did what I suppose to do, I kept my shit clean, I went to class and completed *ALL* my training. I went to college for free and went on to a UNIVERSITY. ********************************The reason it is strict there, is because of dumb asshole children that get dropped off there because they aren't wanted at home. ********************************
You came there for a reason and that is to learn and to GROW the FUCK UP. NOBODY is FORCING you to stay there. The only reason YOU have to be there is because your GRANDMA won't want you home. Stop being a bitch and QQ and pulling the WTFBBQ on people telling you to PULL your fucking pants up and goto class.

I had plenty of FRIENDS that graduated with a RN, LVN, Automechanic, Electrician, Business owner. That went to Job Corps and succeeded. I loved Job Corps and if I had a second chance to do it again, I'd be in line on the spot.
by idzdeez May 12, 2011
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Job Corps is in laymans terms, a literal hell on earth. Imagine doing the same thing every day for months on end with no hope for salvation or redemption. You slowly count the days go by and after months of being there you do nothing that stands out in any unique way or form. It fills you with a burning desire to contract a massive amount of STD's and let thm slowly eat your dick away to take away the pain. Imagine waking up and all day being treted like a pre-schooler with down syndrome who has to be taught how to wipe your ass and how to go to bed. You clean for endless hours all day and do work that a chimpanzee wih broken fingers could manage, but there is so much of it you couldn't get through it all with a team of Harvar graduates. It smeels like ass and depression everywhere you go and all you can do to disguise it is to play out brutal and vivid suicide scenes of your own death in your head. They repremand you for being an individual and daily mind-fucks are administered by law. Not to mention the people who go there. Tke the biggest group of fuck ups, tweakers, ass-holes, and make them all sexually frustrated and you have the workings of a Job Corps facility. Going there is the eqivalent of taking a ballpeen hammer to all the jonts in yur body repeatedly, for months on end. Its symptoms are chronic masturbation, depression, alcoholism, frustration, and death. If you know a person who is going to go to Job Corps just hit them with a 2x4 for a few hours before they leave to get them attuned to the life they are about to suffer. If you are planning to go to Job Corps just kill yourself now and postpone your eternal suffering
Guy 1- Hey did you hear, John is going to Job Corps?
Guy 2- Wow we better go get a 2x4 so we can help him out!
by JConvery June 10, 2009
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A waste of your time, Your are forced to fight for what is yours and forced to fight of over your bed, It just a ghetto and a trailer park put together, There is no job training now skills building, You spend 2-3 years of pure misery dealing with people that are not potty trained and wind up getting lost in the woods or wind up dead in the back alleys of a crime-ridden towns
Job Corps is a scam, You get stranded in the middle of no-wear and wind up living in a shed and eating out of the dumpsters when you find the nearest town, Job Corps is a dead end for everyone
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for every one that read the "opinions" above excluding the previous one, job corp is a great place. i personally give good reference. i am from da hood, been into shit, dope, nd shit im not supposed 2 be doing in the first place.unlike these people above complaining that they can't do what they want because they are immature little brats who think they run it but they don't run shit so complainers seriously, shut the fuck up and go back elementary if you gonna act like a kid bitch. if it wasn't for j.c i would be dead, drunk, homeless or somehwere and i thank God i found a place like this. i mean yeah a few teachers are dicks and the center director is a little farfetch'd but who in the world isnt. there will always be drugs and violence, but as long as u follow simple fucking rules that only require common sense, then maybe you jerks would'nt be talking all this shit that u could'nt accomplish because u decided to follow your own rules punk. as for STD's, how bout dont fuck and keep clean, if not then enter at your own risk. so w.e go fuck yourselves and for the people reading this and are interested, don't apply if ur not willing to sacrifice some freedom and ready to study. thank you for reading this and if you have a negative comment, like i said go fuck yourself.
Job Corps is a good place to study, but ignore the fools, and stick to real homies and u may like what waits at the end of the tunnel. tighten up
by Some one you don't know punk January 30, 2010
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