a stronger emotional word than no, there is more feeling in it, u reall mean it
ugly bloke: i am going 2 mastabate 2 your picture later
girl: noo
by cheese monger July 26, 2005
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Used by programmers to give something a temporary name, this name won't be the final name, but it's going to be the name in the code. Could also be used in jokes, where only programmers get the joke.
(Random coding langauge);
Hero 1 "noo";
(Random coding);
(More random coding);
by Literally Anyone February 12, 2017
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Describes something which is new to the observer, but may not be new to the general population.
The article I just posted is noo, therefore it may or may not be new.
by inv January 12, 2008
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Noo Noo a lover, a fighter a vacuum of all ages. Also known as "The Great Devourer" he exists in the plane of existence known as teletubby land.

He resides with his private harem while he fights against the omni-present god of the realm baby-sun.

Noo Noo is equivalent to 3 Chuck Norris clones in terms of raw power.
Noo Noo, the powerful rolled forth and sucked the laughing baby sun out of the sky. A great darkness fell over the land and all rejoiced to see that Noo Noo was now taking the place of the sun.
by JivingLad April 2, 2010
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A peculiar lifeform masquerading as a vacuum cleaner in the somewhat disturbing childrens TV programme "teletubbies"
"naughty noo noo!"
by GrammatonCleric October 30, 2003
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Someone who tidies up meticulously to the point of obsessiveness. Named after the hoover in the Teletubbies.
"When we've had a party, your mum turns into a Noo-Noo."
by I Love Tarquin October 26, 2007
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