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A common nickname typically for guys with the names Jeremy, Jermey, Jeremiah, Jeramie, etc.
Guy: "Hey have you talked to Jerm recently?"

Girl: "Oh Jeremy? He's already at the party!"
by Jerm_Stone March 01, 2009
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a friendly nickname for someone named Jeremy that no one named Jeremy likes.
Wayne: What's up, Jerms?
Jeremy: Stop calling me Jerms.
by oomingmak June 29, 2011
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a shady, slimy, loud-mouthed dude aged 18-30 who instantly is your friend...Irritating tag-a-long or "Instabuddy" who borders on psychotic. Ironically, first name usually starts with a 'J' like Jeramy, Jameson or Jamie, etc.
"every time I fly, I end up having a Jerm sit next to me" or "the hot new girl at work has like, seven Jerms already!"
by Manny Stiles June 12, 2006
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A combination of the words 'jizz' and 'germs.'
"Dude, Anthony has way too many jerms in his hottub ever since that dank hoe Courtney went in there with him."
by Thebestpersonyoullevermeet February 11, 2010
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