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Offering your psychological help when doing absolutely nothing. Kind of like the sort of person who does jack shit during group projects.
"He's only providing moral support. What a wanker"
by NaysWindu May 26, 2017
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When a person asks for moral support, they mean on a picture or status they have uploaded on social media. This is your cue to go like it (if you like them that is)
Girl 1; "hey guys, moral support on my picture please?"
Girl 2; (likes picture , and maybe even comments "🔥🔥") likes facebook instagram friends
by Littlebootyprobs October 4, 2015
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when you or someone else holds your/a boob/s in means of comfort.
"can I hold your moral support boob"
by imsorrybutwtf November 4, 2020
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