jam out: verb; means to relax, unwind, rest, chill out, etc, etc.
Pimp: Ey man, whats good? Where all da hunnies at?

Playa: Aint nothin poppin forreal, its cold so Imma stay my ass at home and jam out.

Pimp: hahaa yea its cold as a muthafuc*a aint it? Imma make da hunnies come to me, ya feel me? aight, man 1.

Playa: Aight B, 1.
by thisonechick February 17, 2006
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to suddenly stop, to fail at the last minute, to cancel plans for other reasons.
I thought we had plans Thursday, why did you jam out on me? I was following to closly to the car infront of me when her breaks jammed out; I couldn't stop in time. The drill press at the factory has jammed out again; coffee break time.
by Grjohnstone October 9, 2006
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To commence to do something. Usually in an excited manner.
" i jam out then commence to bust the skeet-wave."

guy 1: hey man, what you bout to do?
guy 2: Man!, i'm bout to jam out on this new game I got.
guy 1: word?! I'll come too!
by Sir Nise May 3, 2006
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To take a complimentary grape jelly packet and use it as lube.
At breakfast last week Thomas stuffed his pockets full of the complimentary grape jelly packets knowing he was out at home, and his lover Kimberly had spent the whole morning in anticipation of some passionate Jamming Out time.
by TerryPorter August 8, 2010
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The state you are in when a euphoric high occurs after playing a song or a sick solo
"Whoa, that was awesome"
"Yeah, that was a sick shred, I think I'm jammed out."
by Sour Sky August 20, 2015
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Filling ones asshole with jam and proceeding to let someone or SOMETHING to eat it out
Oh dude yesterday my dog and I had a jam out, I can't tell if his breath is ass or jam
by YENDOR Hugs July 30, 2017
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The female equivalent to (ie:Rock out with your cock out ;Hang out with your wang out)
Having such a great time it's hard to explain it with words. (ie:partying too hard; having too much fun)
by Big Nasty July 4, 2004
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