to be the great new thing. All that. linked to cocky people with a talent.
"that quarterback comin outta texas is the hot new."

"This dude over there thinks he's the hot new, don't he"
by -B-Nic- July 29, 2006
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When you shit in one of those noisemakers that uncurls when you blow in it. Then blow in it really hard into someone's face.
Happy New Year! Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!
by Lizy April 03, 2005
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Despite all the crap in that romantic relationship, I'd do it all over again in a Hot New York second!!!!
by Starchylde April 17, 2015
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Something that is young and fresh, usually dealing with the physical makeup of a human being. The opposite of old and busted.
Breon is old and busted. Meghan is the new hotness.
by meghan August 20, 2003
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When a person who was previously not hot becomes hot and doesn’t realize it yet. Normally these people are cooler than people who have been hot their entire life. This is also known as buying in low.
Wow have you seen Megan in accounting? She lost a ton of weight and doesn’t even know how hot she is, she’s new hot unlike Tiffany who’s always been hot and is a total bitch!
by cdawg91 May 05, 2019
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The phenomena of increased attractiveness of a person who is new to your school/workplace/sharehouse/friendship group. Over time their attractiveness will return to its true value as you begin to notice their crooked teeth/lazy eye/big nose/other trivial imperfections.
Guy 1: "Have you seen the new girl at work? She's pretty hot. I'd give her a 9."
Guy 2: "Yeah, but give it a couple of weeks. She's still new hot, so she could drop to a 8 or a 7."
Guy 3: "And she could also just be work hot. Could send her down another point or 2."
by Word Smythe August 28, 2007
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To refer to something as being better than a previous ownership. Mostly used when talking about cars. Made famous by J.W.A.S!
Yo did u check out Josh's new hotness? Much better than that p.o.s Escort he used to have.
by Johnny Blaze April 15, 2004
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