Jerk Cooking
jerk jurk –verb (used with object)

1. to preserve meat –adjective

2. being or containing a spicy seasoning mixture flavored with pimento, used esp. in Jamaican cooking: jerk sauce.

3. prepared with jerk flavorings, esp. by barbecuing or grilling with Pimento wood: jerk chicken.

Jerk Chicken, originating from Jamaica, is a spicy dish that includes some or all of these ingredients: Allspice, Scotch Bonnet Peppers, Scallions and fresh Thyme.

Authentic Jerk Chicken utilizes Jamaican Allspice as the defining element of jerk Cooking.

The entire Allspice tree, which Jamaicans call pimento wood, is used: the crushed berries are rubbed into the skin; the pimento wood burns hot and slow; the green leaves and dried wood are tossed on the fire, releasing a sweet smoke that flavors the meat with a warm, woody pepperiness.

The particular genius of jerk — the play of sweet and smoke, green and wood, spicy and herbal — is credited to the Jamaican Maroons; Africans who taught the local Taino their method of smoking food in pits dug into the earth. The Maroons were brought to Jamaica as slaves, but began escaping in the 1650s, and fought British and Spanish dominion over the island. (The words jerk and jerky come from charqui, the Spanish version of the Quechua word charki, meaning dried meat.)
Jerk chicken gets its flavor from pimento wood. The chicken grills on a bed of wet pimento leaves and sticks. The smoking wood infuses the meat, to the bone, with robust flavor. Aromatic with deep citrusy and smoky notes, the wood makes all the difference in the world
by Jerk Master September 21, 2011
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Like a game of chicken, where you and a B U D D Y B O I jerk each other off.
Whoever busts first loses.

A solo variation exists where you jack yourself off and aim at the other person then "whoever gets hit" loses.
M: "Yo Ken, my boy lets play some jerk chicken."
K: "Don't threaten me with a good time yo."
by J E R K Y B O I December 27, 2017
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Someone who insults people or their work while hiding behind a computer.
They are usually angry about something else and assume so much, especially that they are an expert.
The angry Anonymous jerk chicken complained about my work in the Forum to find plenty of other chickens to roost with. But they all ended up fried, dove into the hot oil of stupidity together, in front of everyone.
by BurgleCut May 30, 2019
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When your significant other is jerking you off using both hands in an alternating motion resembling the chicken dance.
I love the alternating motion on my dick when my girl gives me the jerk chicken.
by Spordo January 12, 2015
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Game played by married man, in which he attempts to masturbate (jerk off) in another room from his wife. He is playing a game of chicken, trying to finish before she catches him.
The wife and I were watching a movie when she decided to go take a shower. I played a game of jerk chicken in the media room, hoping I would finish before she came back.
by Stinkpot December 9, 2013
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The pillar of Jamaican cuisine. While the chicken is prepared in traditional fashion with a dry rub, natives gather round the pit and masterbate, battering the chicken with jizz and at times, spooging on each other. The natives then massage in the wet rub, creating a true delicacy.
Tourist: What is today's special?
Jamaican: Truss mi maan, you waan dat circle jerk chicken made wit da chi-chi juices!
Tourist: Sounds delicious, I'll order that!
by sciflyer.25 July 3, 2016
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When men all jerk each other off in a circle and they are also eating jerk chicken.
Hey, I just had a tasty circle jerk chicken
by Helovesthistown February 23, 2014
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