It's a kind of oil that warms up upon contact with skin... I've seen this used in some naughty vids as a lube... Usually it's edible too, so the fun is tripled!!!1
by zorpidus April 16, 2004
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1. Having a large amount of cum/lube in ones ass held in by a butt plug

2. When you mean to say Hanging Around but mess up.
Person 1: Well now that you’re all smuggling the hot oil, I think it’s time we took care of some business.

Person 2: Uh, the phrase is hanging around.

Person 1: What did I say?

Person 2: Smuggling the hot oil.

Person 1: WTF does that mean?!
by Davis Crimsha March 26, 2020
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When she is completely wrong and won't admit it. That bitch needs a hot oil enima
by jactkinson March 21, 2010
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