to form a circle around a man or woman (pivot man) then making the pivot give everyone a hand job or blow job
man we made him pull a circle last week and he burnt up a couple of cocks before we could calm him down
by pickngc4 September 21, 2006
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an a in a circle represents's like the symbol of anarchy. on jim morrison's tomb the first o has an A in it and the second o has a peace sign in this JIM M(A)RRISON. except with the second a peace sign inside and the first a complete circle not parantheses
all over town anarchists spray painted their symbol, a in a circle
by emilyyyyy September 5, 2006
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The act of sitting in circle while smoking pot.
Made famous by that 70's show when the actors would sit in a circle while acting high and spouting random things
eric- "kelso there is no crying in the circle
by Drue B. July 23, 2006
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A polygon with an infinite amount of sides. Also, a set of all points all equidistant from the center.
What are you studying in Geometry?
I am studying circles!
by david faustino May 9, 2012
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A name for the anarchist symbol of an A surrounded by a circle. Often misused by teens as a symbol for smashing things up.
"Hey look someone drew a circle-a on that building. Awesome!"
by Anarchy is Order March 21, 2004
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a wonderful form of lesbian sex, or even masturbation. but mostly lesbian sex.
In the L Word, it is what Papi does to Alice to make her so so OH OH!! HAPPY!! She loves those circles.
by Lezzie February 12, 2007
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